OSAKA+KYOTO+NARA▐ 6D5N Itinerary, Must-go & To-do | Chanwon's Itinerary

17 May 2019

Hello Sweeties✨Welcome back to my blog and today I'm so happy because I'm finally done with this super long pending blog post! Actually this could consider as the part 2 itinerary for traveling to Osaka area. I received lots of the compliment from my previous▐ OSAKA & KYOTO▐ MUST GO PLACES & TO-DO | CHANWON'S ITINERARY blog post and since most of you guys use this to plan your trip I decided to come out with another Part (2) version of it. It's more special because this is the itinerary I plan to travel with my family, my daddy & brother and also with Smelly last year.

I did post through my instagram but some of you still don't get it so I thought why not I blog for a more complete kind of blog post and then I can share the link with you guys whenever you need it. So here's all the activities, to-do and must visit I did for my previous trip with both Family & Smelly. It's different kind of experience when traveling with family or bf because what they prefer and want to experience is really different.

I'm so happy that I get to book all the activities before my trip and even the local Japanese cuisine restaurants are available for booking through Klook website and app. *Remember to use promo code 'chanwon92' on Klook to enjoy 5% OFF on your booking*  Previously I always need to get in touch with either travel agency to get my JR pass done or queue for the USJ pass which isn't my favourite part of traveling but now, I got no worries because I get all my booking done and collect all the e-ticket or pass right away when I arrived at the airport.

Some of you might know that traveling with family or even your couple trip is quite a challenge. First my family or even Smelly don't like to queue, they always prefer traveling with ease. For example getting the entrance ticket ready, make reservation first so my parent no need to wait too long, no need last min print out the ticket and get my booking done & blablabla. So to make my life easier and thanks god I'm one the lucky one who get to know how to book all these activities through Klook!! It saved my life seriously!!



It's quite a challenge for me to organise a family trip to Japan. First when traveling with elder, you need to know that they normally can't queue for a long time. They are quite impatient, need to prepare water and always look for toilet & etc. So to make my life easier, few weeks before my trip with my dad & bro, I decided to book all the activities through Klook and plan my itinerary ahead for them.

Since I wanna min the cost of traveling and waiting, it's good for me to book through the app so I can know how much I need to pay for the activities and I paid for all the activities before the trip. What I need to bring the rest is just pocket money for shopping and little on the transportation only. 

While traveling with Smelly (bf) is diff story. We are more looking for adventures. We actually get our JR pass book earlier and travel to another prefecture, visited Himeji and Hiroshima as well. Smelly is a good travel partner except he dont like disappointment through last min booking or extra waiting time to get any of the entrance ticket. For example the fast pass to USJ and the entrance pass as well. 

So to benefit all of you guys. I have sum up with a summary and itinerary plan for all of you. If you are traveling with your family, you can take this as reference. Pick those activities that you are interested and according your budget. If you want to plan a week off travel plan with your boyfriend or girlfriend, this can be really helpful as well. Or else if you are lazy to plan your trip to Osaka for your friends or if you are the one traveling with your friend, you can use this as your reference as well because all the activities and to-do can pre-book through Klook website and best part is you no need to print out anything, you will receive the e-ticket pass on your phone through Klook app. 

With this you no longer need to struggle on all the booking and also blaming your friend making fail reservation or long queuing time just to get the entrance ticket. Nice right!! So I hope this is useful for you and I decided to break down each of my suggestion and recommendation for all of you. I listed each of it and provide the link for you to check the activities as well. You can click on the link and save it for later reference. Each link has the price on and you can plan based on your budget as well. Doesn't this sound good to you!??! Let's get started!!


A 6D5N  ITINERARY TO OSAKA + KYOTO + NARA | Chanwon's Itinerary

I think the best plan for both of my parent and bf is taking a week off from their week. That's the best traveling period for them. Not too long nor too short. In addition, they only need to take few days off from their work. I asked them before, they told me either 6 days or 1 week traveling length is just a good one. So with that I come out with two diff kind of plan. You can pick the one you are interested or tick off those are out of your plan. I list it out one by one for you first and later on I will talk and show you / review how fun it is for each to-do and activities I booked through Klook.

This can be your 1 week plan or 6D5N plan to Japan. If your flight arriving at night then probably this gonna be your 1 week plan and you can edit it yourself. If you parent can walk from morning til late night then you can adjust it with more plan together with my itinerary list with Smelly one ya~ 

Since my family and smelly prefer both shopping and sightseeing. I plan for them to visit Osaka + Kyoto and Nara. Firstly because I want to bring them to Kyoto and take a look at the traditional culture & temple, also Nara to see the deer plus I prefer that as well since it's less crowded on the period when we traveling to Osaka last year.


# With Family:-
Day 1: Arrived in Osaka at night > Check in homestay > Go to nearest convenience store and get the supper / dinner done
Day 2: Osaka Castle > Kuromon Market > Shinsaibashi > Dotonbori
Day 3: Nara Park + Todaiji Temple > Harukas 300 > Tokyu Hands > Celebrate my bday in Japan
Day 4: Universal Studios Japan 
Day 5: Aquarium Kaiyukan > Mega Don Quijote
Day 6: Namba Area > Fugu Fish Meal Restaurant > BIC Camera 
Day 7: Back to KL

*Normally for me to plan I will ask what is their reference. Whether they are interested more on shopping / food or nice place. Then for shopping I will only plan it on the last 2 days so my dad and bro won't carry too much on the first few days. In between each day, they can wake up slightly late than the rest of the day. 

For example first day arrive in Japan they might feel really tired, so the second day I will ask them to wake up around 10 and get ready at 11am, so it's not too rush for them. Then the first day in Japan the activities is more relaxing. So I plan it's sightseeing and food hunting with a little to-do exploring the Osaka by visit the Dotonbori area. On the third day I plan to wake them up slightly early, like 8am so we can take train to another prefecture (NARA) and visit the temple. Then on the forth day, they can wake up slightly late around 9-10am accordingly. In between each they I can adjust my activities if they feel too tired as for example like the USJ pass I booked through the app, I can choose anytime to enter within the period of time. But for reservation through the restaurant, it can't be change once you book based on the calendar date. So you might need to take note of that.



# With Smelly (Couple Trip):-
Day 1: Arrived in Osaka in the early morning > Check in Homestay > Kaiyukan Aquarium > Dotonbori
Day 2: Kuromon Market > Nara Park + Todaiji Temple
Day 3: Universal Studios Japan > Harukas 300
Day 4: *Kansai JR PASS* Traveling to Hiroshima > Miyajima Island > Himeji Castle
Day 5: Sushi Workshop in Kyoto > Yukata Experience > Famous TouFu Skin Restaurant
Day 6: *Shopping Day*  Shinsaibashi  > Don Quijote > Namba Area > BIC Camera > Back to KL (late afternoon)

*For my couple trip with Smelly it's 60% similar itinerary with the one I plan for my family. The rest is new activities that I wish to experience with Smelly for example traveling to Hiroshima and Himeji area because it's our second time to Osaka with Smelly. So I cut off the plan to visit to Osaka castle and replaced the whole osaka plan with Hiroshima > Himeji plan. Also add on some activities / to-do in Kyoto because Smelly never put on yukata before!! HAHAHA Then I also booked the sushi workshop through Klook website with Smelly and decided to try the famous TouFu skin restaurant in Kyoto as well! It's really a nice itinerary plan with loved ones because you get to experience the hand-on workshop, making sushi and trying new food! During the last day of my plan, it's all about shopping! HAHAHAH That's my perfect plan when traveling with a plus one partner like Smelly lol.



I get asked the most for this question. It's hard to give you the best time to travel as each individual's preference is really different. Some of my friend hate to travel during winter time, some prefer more of autumn than winter and some prefer spring. So every time when someone ask me 'Chanwon when you recommend to visit to Japan? What weather now? Cold?'

Sometime I get really frustrated as Japan is really huge. I went to Osaka but people traveling to Tokyo asking me how is the weather. How am I suppose to answer honestly? Just like the weather in Genting and KL is really different. Like west Malaysia and East Malaysia is really different as well. So the best advice I could give is :-

#ChanwonTips#1  If you traveling to Japan during Spring / Autumn period (around Feb to May / Sep to Nov) It's best to bring an extra thick jacket or layering it with diff outer because you might feel alright in the afternoon weather but during night time, it's super cold in Japan. From 22,  it can down to 14-16 degree at night. So it's why even I travel to Japan during May which is the beginning of Summer period, I will still bring extra 1-2 Jacket with me just in case I feel so cold at night and if it's windy or raining day.

#ChanwonTips#2 Also check the weather forecast 1 week / 3 days or a day before your travel date. I think Mr.Google is smarter than me and I'm not the weather reporter, I really don't know how to forecast the weather tbh. When you check the weather please key in exactly which prefecture in Japan. For example Osaka weather, Tokyo weather or best if you can check specific area weather forecast through Google weather. Not just google 'Japan weather in May'. This is a big mistake. You must check that specific area rather than the whole country. Just like what I said earlier.

I brought my family to Japan during Autumn (around 2nd- 3rd week Oct) while with Smelly, we went to Japan during the end of Spring time / Beginning of Summer (around last week of May - Beginning of June). Both weather is really cold at night and early morning and just nice in the afternoon.

During end of spring - beginning summer it's around 18-24 celsius in the afternoon but at night will be really cold while during autumn period, it's around 16-19 celsius in the afternoon. But sometime when it's really sunny it will be around 24 celsius as well. So it's all depend on the weather, I couldn't give you the best and accurate answer except Mr.Google. So please stop asking this kind of question. If you ask again, please read back my #ChanwonTips#1 lol

So to answer exactly to the question, I recommend you to visit during Spring or Autumn. If you love winter then you can try to visit Japan during winter time as well. It's so beautiful and experience something that you can't get in Malaysia. Autumn is somehow colder than Spring. So remember to bring extra jacket to keep your body warm or wear heat tech ya.


Total expenses / Accommodation / Flight Ticket 

For total expenses, accommodation and flight ticket detail you can read back my previous itinerary post (click here) I wrote about it already. For this since I added with some new activities and to-do, you can just sum up and add on with the extra activities's price and detail ya. But normally with two pax exclude ticket and accommodation it will be within RM4k and since I pre-book all the ticket through the Klook website, I only bring the pocket money for shopping and extra food/ transportation. If someone told you Japan is expensive, you just have to tell them 'just because of you didn't do the research and plan before it lol!!'

For accommodation during the time I'm traveling with my family I booked a whole apartment space through HomeAway. When I'm traveling with my family I want them to feel comfortable, and make them feel like they are back to their own house. So HomeAway is always my first choice. It's a two room + 1 x living room area. With huge dining table, open-air kitchen , bath tub, TV, washing machine and this time I book this house because of its futon bedroom.

When I stay in a cozy homestay like this, it makes a good bonding time with my family. I love them and I want to give them the most cozy staying experience ever even when it's out of our homeland. So here's a little room tour of my Osaka Homestay. It's located at Shin-Osaka, near to Used Station and suitable to travel within Osaka > Kyoto and Nara as well. Since we arrived in Osaka quite late at our first night, I decided to get my place settled at Shin-Osaka and out of the tourist area of Namba area (because previously I always recommend to stay at Namba / Shinsaibashi / Dotonbori more of a happening area). This Shin-Osaka area is less tourist, more quiet, suitable to travel with your parents or family.

I try to find back this homestay link for you guys but it's currently not on the listing anymore. If I happen to get this again I will place a new link and link it back for you guys as a reference. Meanwhile, you also can find all of the similar listing like this cosy homestay from HomeAway website. For those who ask for changing the currency, no worries when you pay with your credit/ debit card you will receive a notification or on the bill it will change the currency to RM back for you. I booked all my homestay like this too. Even during my Yamagata winter trip in Tokyo this year, I also get to paid and check the RM currency like this.

 Living Area & two rooms 

 Dry and wet toilet & bathroom

One of the bedroom can be the mini second living room area but we decided to put on futon and allow my dad to sleep here alone lol. He snoring too much and deserve to sleep in a room lol. πŸ˜‚

The living room & sofa area! So photogenic!!

 Night situation <3 My dad is watching TV at night lol

 My bro & my double futon bed

 It's my first time bringing my dad to travel with me. I told myself it's one of my resolution in the beginning of year 2018 and then I did it 😭

 Celebrating my birthday in Japan with my family.

Self- DIY hot spring time at the bath tub in our HomeAway homestay. 

3 mins walk to the nearest 7-11!! It's just opposite my apartment only. Super convenient and we enjoy our supper and next morning breakfast here!

For flight ticket during promo period I can get per person in between RM900-RM1000 with half of the luggage weight. During the last min booking period, I get to buy the ticket to Osaka around RM1200 per person. Last 2 years I can get within RM800 during promo but now not available anymore. If you have more budget you can try getting JAL or ANA airline to enjoy their service and also food & baggage included with your flight ticket.

Normally if it's a night flight I can just sleep without taking any food but if a day flight, it's nicer if I can watch TV or take the Japan airline and enjoy on my whole flying experience. So it's all depend on your budget and if you want the cheapest then you can always check through AirAsia or other website as well.

So here's all the detail / plan and activities I went through both of the trip with my family and Smelly. I also breakdown some of #ChanwonDieDieMust recommendation activities / to-do that I booked through Klook.

For all the subway card, Jr Pass and return bus ticket. I pre-book it before my trip and once I arrived at the airport, I can follow the collection point stated through the booking app and collect it right away. It makes my travel experience even better and easier. For people who prefer day tour group trip, you can also search for the day tour plan or activities through the Klook website / app and book it before your trip. My life changed after I knew this app. It's one app that I can't live without. 


Activities I booked through Klook & Highly Recommend by me:-  

I also linked each of booking link through my recommendation. Just click it and add to cart or save this out if you are planning to go to Japan soon.

(#1)USJ (click here)

Universal Studios Japan was one of the reason I fall in love in Osaka. For many experience I had, it's so hard just to get the entrance ticket. Previously I need to go to KLCC, queue and ask if the ticket available. I need to pay for parking and drive all the way to the travel agency counter to get this. Then here come with ease when I know there is such awesome app where I can book both USJ Entrance Ticket & Fast Pass through my phone. 

So whenever I see people queue for the ticket at the entrance I feel sad because it takes almost 1 hour at the super crowded queue line. I dont get it and from that time onward I keep sharing Klook to my friends and all of you. It's really save my time!

I think I'm always the fan of theme park! It's fun!! Here's all the photo I took during our trip to USJ with Smelly & my family.

My favourite photo spot since 3 years ago!

We won a gudetama soft toy back from USJ! If you watch my youtube vlog video you probably know this already.

 Omelette curry rice in Minions park!

 All the way to USJ just to get this SailorMoon popcorn case! So cute right~

 Smelly's and mine :D

 With Family to USJ! My dad told me it's an eye opening experience! I guess it's his first time to theme park in Japan. 

My favourite snack in USJ.

See my fatty daddy xD

 When you regret that you didn't get the fast pass lol. Waiting time around 1 hour 30 mins lol

My bro is a fan of Spiderman lol

 During halloween month it's always super duper fun. Last year 2018 USJ come out with this circus zone, few years ago it's vampire zombie zone. Then once the sky turn really dark, all zombie will come to chase you! HAHAHA Super excited!

 Zombie is here!!

 Zombie dancing lol So epic~

All of us enjoy our fun day at USJ til night around 7pm. You can spend a whole day here. If you bring your children over here or the aquarium Kaiyukan, I guess this two activities will just sum up their whole travel experience.

(#2)KAIYUKAN AQUARIUM (click here)
If you have kids with you pls pls add this into your itinerary. This is the most beautiful aquarium I have seen in Japan and the space is really big. The biggest highlight of this aquarium is you get to hand-on touch the baby shark and batoidea. Except this, you get to experience and take a look at the NEW* beautiful jellyfish world with music going on inside this whole aquarium. Next remember to say hi with the cutest and most chubby sea lion in the town and two of the famous whale shark as well.

I rarely recommend aquarium but this is really an eye opening experience. So much fun and I can spend 4 hours just inside this beautiful place. It's my 3rd time here and everyone people ask for itinerary plan, this is one of my top 1 list. I remember I blog about this before, so here's some of the latest photo I took in this aquarium.

 Whale Shark and batoidea

 JellyFish World

There is one interactive area for you. Just answer some simple question and it will bring you a conclusion that which fish represent you the best. HAHAHAHA

Everyone waiting for it!

HAHAHA I guess mine is way cuter than Smelly one.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH what is this lol

 We are lucky that day because we get to see the cutest sea lion ever! AHAHAHAH
This post hit the most liked photo on my instagram that month lol

 Feeding the dolphin.

 This is the are where you can touch & feel the baby shark and batoidea.

End of the visit we decided to shop for some souvenir!

 Too cute!! Most tourist spots have this kind of machine to get these kawaii coin. Can collect this as souvenir or keep this as memories. 

It's almost 4-5pm. Just outside of the aquarium there is a mall selling lots of souvenir, food restaurant and clothes. If you have time you can explore it or if your parent want to get their dinner settle nearby this aquarium, then the shopping mall will be your first choice. 

For USJ pass and Kaiyukan Aquarium entrance ticket, you will be receiving the e-ticket through Klook app. So you no need to print it out, just show them the e-ticket and they will scan the QR code for you at the entrance. If you wanna save more 30% you can get the combo pack for USJ PASS + KAIYUKAN AQUARIUM ticket through Klook app as well. I'm a smart traveler! HAHAHAAHHA

(#3)HARUKAS 300 (click here)
If you are a fan of night or sunset landscape view then here's one of the highly recommended spot for you. On my previous itinerary I shared about the Umeda Sky Building to you before but it's so crowded with tourist and if you are looking for another alternative, then is something that I will recommend. You can enjoy the perfectly sunset / night landscape view at 300 meters above the ground. The best part of this is there is a sky garden 300 dining cafe/bar for you as well. You can enjoy a cup of drink with this beautiful night view at the building. Another highlight will be the music lift going all the way up to 60th floor and this is something that I'm impressed with!

Besides that, there is one row of the building has the glass floor so you can see through the building if you are not afraid of height. I book through the app and get the e-ticket as well. Then once I arrived the ticket counter, I exchange the real ticket by showing them the e-ticket through my phone.

The first time I'm here in Harukas 300 with Smelly

Second time here with my family and there is something new in this Harukas 300

Yes the fireworks that you can interact with. Will show you later! 

This is the part of night view from the building.

Transparent glass!!

 Sky garden date with my gudetama! HAHAAHAH

nice for dating! HAHAAH We just sit here talking with each hour and admiring the night city view of Osaka.

 Just google map the location and you will found the building across the road. Walk up to the bridge and you will see a huge sign board.

 Going all the way up to the observatory!

 The sky garden!

 If you are brave enough then you can try this! HAHAHAHA

Standing at the edge at Harukas and enjoy the view from the highest floor lol

Sorry I'm too old for this! HAHAHAAH No one want to accompany me to take this challenge lol

This isn't available on my first visit but I think this is available since last year end! It's actually an interactive activities / game for you to play. Just touch the fireworks wall and you can create the firework on the screen. Surprise if when you hit the max fireworks, you can see the Harukas mascot blur bear on the wall. (like the photo below)

(#4)JR PASS (click here)
You know I'm always a big big fan for JR Pass. Previously when there are no such thing as JR Pass, we can't even afford to travel within so many prefecture in such affordable transportation fees. Most of my Japanese friends envy about us as a foreign travellers because we get to purchase the JR pass to save the cost of traveling across Japan via Shinkansen (Japan's Bullet Train). Shinkansen is the faster bullet train in Japan and normally it's so expensive but with JR Pass, you get to enjoy unlimited ride through JR Shinkansen and all JR train.

If you don't know what's JR pass you can read my blog post (click here). That blog post is about how I plan to travel with JR pass from Tokyo > Osaka > Kyoto > Tokyo. Actually to be honest, there are so many new route / types of JR PASS recently. Last time I'm not really clear with it so I always end up purchase the ALL JAPAN JR PASS, but do you know now they even came out with specific region JR Pass.

So during the time we are heading to Osaka - Kansai Area, I have decided to save my cost by getting the Kansai-Hiroshima JR Pass. It's the JR Pass covered the whole area from Kansai area to Hiroshima Prefecture. It's a great alternative for me to take bullet train from Osaka to Hiroshima and to Himeji as well. It's less than RM500 for 5 day coverage. If you are heading around Kansai Area, you can get the stand alone Kansai Area JR pass which cost less than RM400 only. You can actually pick the one suit your travel itinerary the most from this link (click here).

So I get my JR Pass and collected it right away when I landed in Japan.

 This is the Shinkansen, Bullet train!

So during my trip with Smelly. We decided to take one step further by visiting to the nearest prefecture and ticked my bucket / to-visit list. Here I am at the Hiroshima Prefecture. I'm spending a day in Hiroshima > Miyajima Island > Himeji Castle. It was a fruitful day as I get to visit to new prefecture and checked my bucket list!! Will blog about my one day trip to Hiroshima > Himeji on another blog post soon. If not this blog post might be too long for you.

First stop: Hiroshima the iconic landmark

 Second Stop: Miyajima Island, having the best day of my life having the biggest and cheapest oyster in my life. It's super duper fresh!! After trying this I never ever get to find the same freshness oyster in my home country. This is just too good! 


Landmark in Miyajima Island~

 Like Nara, deers are everywhere near the shrine.

 Last Stop: Himeji Castle

(#5)IC Subway Card (click here)
Just like our touch and go card in Malaysia, we need to have a subway card to travel ease between place to place. IC Card can be use across the bus, if you have JR Pass then it's unlimited rides and use through all JR Station, Subway and Shinkansen. But there are some time that we ride on other bus where JR Pass couldn't use! I already got my IC card earlier and I think some of you might not knowing where to get it, the answer is you can even get through the website. I have placed the link on the sub-title above. Just click it.

You can use it like our touch and go. Reload at each station or use it when taking a diff company bus or even buying things from the convenience store. I get Smelly one pre-book through the app and once arrived at the airport, I collect at the info counter as stated on the collection point through the app.

I always wanted to have some hand-on workshop with Smelly. Most of the work trip I went have those kind of hand on or DIY workshop. For example soba making workshop that I went during my Okayama trip. I often get asked by you guys, how and where should you get your booking done because most workshop has no reservation in English shown on the website.

When I'm doing research and come across all the listing through Klook website. I spot lots of workshop. But I'm really sad to tell you that I have no idea why I couldn't search for the link for this sushi making workshop. But there are similar / diff kind of workshop available on the website, just I have no idea why I can't find this workshop back. There are sushi making workshop in other similar listing and also some other souvenir making workshop as well. You can scroll through Klook website here.

So now let me show you how fun it is to attend the super funny sushi making workshop through our trip.

The sushi school in Kyoto. On the following day, we spent a whole day in Kyoto and here's the first stop of our activities.

 First: we get to choose our sushi senpai costume lol

 There are English explanation throughout the class as well. The teacher can speak simple and basic English too.

 All ingredients prepared by the school. 

 I'm ready for it! We are making our own Japanese omelette & Sushi today!

 Step-by-step guide 

 The top one is done by the sushi guru. The rest is ours. lol mine on the bottom right is the worst one AHHAAHHAAH Sorry I dunno how to cook lol

 Making our sushi!!

 Mine :D


 Our graduation cert! I'm now a pro sushi making guru xDHAHAHAHA

Wefies with our sushi guru. If you are interested to watch our vlog you can watch it through youtube here:  *Please be aware that it's really funny! I might afraid my voice will spoil your speaker lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

(#7)YUKATA EXPERIENCE (click here)
I think everyone knows that I'm a fan of traditional costume. I love wearing yukata and kimono. I tried yellow, orange and pastel pink yukata before but this time since it's Smelly's first time experiencing wearing the traditional Yukata, I'm also gonna wear it with him. So I scroll through the website there are lots of choice and listing but end up I pick this (link on above) because it has my time slot and I get the hairdo + yukata experience instead of just the yukata.

Since I have quite a short hair I thought it's impossible for them to tie my hair up but still, they make it! At first I'm really sad due to the raining day since the early morning, I tot I couldn't enjoy much in Kyoto but who knows just because of the raining weather, I get to experience 0 photobomb / less tourist kind of Kyoto. Normally Kyoto is full of tourist and I get lots of photobomb when I'm taking a photo but somehow I'm thankful because of the raining weather lol

Our first time wearing yukata together! I'm always prefer yukata in bright and colourful prints. Most of the background is brown and green color, so to stand out from the rest you have to pick the super bright or light color / opposite tone.

 Accidentally bumped into a tea house, here's the beautiful corner of the garden of the tea house! SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL. In reality, it's beautiful than this photo.

Since it's raining, most of the Kyoto temple is too far from us to travel with and also we are wearing our super long yukata. Dont want to get in trouble or get wet in this beautiful costume. So I asked the staff who work at  Yumeyakata that I booked through the Klook and they direct us to this beautiful temple which has no people at all!! I'm loving it!! They are so helpful.

 Diff color range of Yukata. Some premium one might need you to top up! But I'm getting the hairdo+ yukata at this corner. So I'm satisfied and the one I had is from the package I booked! Quite beautiful.

 First time getting my hair done by the pro.

 See the length of my hair is quire short but they still making it possible for me to do the all hair up kind of hair-do.


 See no one photobomb my photo lol

 Everyone thought Smelly & I are having our honeymoon here in Kyoto. So lots of helpful people from the local came to ask if we need help on taking photo hahahaha! Surprisingly no need because I have my tripod stand with me lol. I carry it all the time lol.

 I placed the tripod stand opposite on the road and set up the timer. I think all of this while I feel really safe in Japan. Even my phone and tripod place it there, it's still there!!

 Happy Us!

 So beautiful~

We had a great time together and doing all sorts of silly things together lol. Please keep this as our memories together! I love traveling with people and this is how I live my life to the fullest. Also a big plus point because it's Japan HAHAHA My second home country~ So happy to be back each time!

(#8)FAMOUS TRADITIONAL Tofu Kaiseiki (click here)
After our morning sushi making workshop to putting on our Yukata, the last itinerary of the day spend in Kyoto will be enjoying the super special dinner. We took our dinner @ Nanzenji Junsei Restaurant in Kyoto. This is how we should end our trip and back to Osaka.

Normally for all the local traditional restaurant like this, it's so hard to make reservation due to the language barrier and also I can't even make reservation speaking Japanese through the phone. So the best if you can pre-book it on Klook website or app. There are crab buffet , other local traditional restaurant available through Klook website. What you need to do is just pick any listing that you are interested and book it before your arrive in Japan.

If not peak period, you can even book when you are in Japan but since this is a famous local restaurant and I saw lots of good review on it, I think it's better if I book before my trip. I booked one week before we arrive in Osaka. You can save this blog post on your phone and whenever you are heading to Japan, just click the link and book it! It's easy ya!! I love how technology and our smart phone changed our life.

Have you ever try the freshness and best Tofu meal? I tried the best is this! I never ever interested on Tofu until I tried on the whole traditional Kaiseiki dinner set in this famous restaurant. I never thought it will be so yummy until I try it on my own. OMG if you are coming to Japan with your parents I think this is something they will love! Also get to rest our mind in this beautiful green / flower surrounded restaurant.

This is the poster we spotted in the nearest subway station. 

The entrance

This restaurant is really famous for its delicate tofu based dishes. They presented it in such variety of ways. There are few meal and type to choose from. I'm having their dinner set ever. With the meal, you will enjoy a simple yet superb tofu dish cooked in a hotpot of Japanese broth made from sea kelp.

The restaurant is surrounded by these beautiful gardens

The view behind me is really beautiful as well.

Even the hot tea cup served by this place has its own logo
I think it's tofu 

Now let's the photo do the talking.


Now, this is the whole highlight of our meal! Since I eyes on the Yuba Kaiseki and this is of course the main point of why I'm here. I thought it's a steamboat but it's not!! It's Yuba, tofu skin made from homemade soy milk. So all of this is the homemade soy milk where you can hand-on making your own tofu skin from this whole soy milk pot!! ARGH SO YUMMY I MISS THIS

So this is Chanwon's photo tutorial time again! HAAHAHAH

Yum yum yum~πŸ˜‹

Last three course

Some tofu soup and well baked rice as well.

 lastly, it's dessert time!

I had a great meal through the whole trip. If you are heading to Kyoto and interested to try on special Tofu Kaiseiki, please put this on list! Really a good experience trying diff variety of Tofu and the soy milk handmade tofu pot is just way too good. I hope this is helpful!

(#9)FUGU: Puffer Fish @Guenpin (click here)
Except for the famous sashimi, one of the must-try food list bucket list will be trying the specialist restaurant who make and cook perfect Fugu!! Fugu is the famous Japan puffer fish. You can google search how the fish look like. I was planning to visit this with Smelly as well but due to it always fully booked we can't make it on the trip.

So on the second time I'm here with my family, here's the first list I booked. This time I visit here with my dad and bro. They had a great time as well and pls be prepare the portion of this is quite big. We feel so fulled after we took the whole meal but I love how this restaurant Guenpin cook the puffer fish. They cooked it in diff ways and I saw only local people are having their meal here. Not much tourist and I think most people don't know how to book and make reservation for this and I saw lots of people waiting outside the restaurant and queue at there lol.  I avoided possibly long waiting time and I'm super proud to share it with you lol because I hate long waiting period.

So here's my secret :p I pre-booked before my trip through the app that's why I no need to wait. There are few branch available but I booked the one I had in Osaka, Namba area. Not every restaurant got the license to provide fugu dishes, only the chefs which already go through years of training get a fugu license!! So this is why it's always depend on your luck whether you can get the booking and try this meal during your trip or not.

I booked the Daigo Set. If you ask me if it's one of my food recommendation, I'm surely saying a Yes. Our Dig set included parboiled pufferfish skin sashimi , Thin-sliced pufferfish sashimi Pufferfish, hotpot Deep fried pufferfish meat , Japanese rice porridge and dessert. The most unforgettable and yummiest is the fugu -rice porridge. The porridge use all the remaining soup on the steamboat and let it boil and well cooked together, added with egg and transform into a nice and yummy porridge. The best porridge ever. 

I asked my dad what's the best meal he had in Japan, this is the first one he said!! 

 The entrance and waiting area

 I'm so so so excited!

 I booked through the app so when I walk in tell them I have reserved one table with 3 pax. They showed my name and reservation through their counter. Fast and easy! 

Our Daigo Set!Same price with the one we booked through the app!

 Traditional Japanese steamboat! OMG

 After putting all the ingredients and fugu fish into it, the soup is the best and most tasty soup ever!

 After all, it's time where their staff came to our table and help us making the porridge.

 Best Japanese rice-porridge ever! I wish to take this everyday as my breakfast! HAHAAH

 Dessert time~

(#10) Nara, Kuromon Market, Osaka Castle, Shisaibashi, Dotonbori, Kyoto (click here for the itinerary post)
If you are wondering where's the write up for Nara & Kyoto Area, Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, Kuromon Market and Osaka Castle. All is well covered through my part 1 Osaka - Kyoto Post. I linked it for you already and you are welcome to check that out. Also here's some of the travel photo I took during these two trips.

I have been to Nara quite a number of times and I can see how their sign board changed and more info board for tourist to refer to. For example a live public transportation viewing board for you to check with.

Also the super duper big direction board for you to refer. Two years ago I still need to ask the person in the info counter.

 If you are going to Nara and you really a peach lover, remember try their limited edition peach soft serve ice cream!! So yummy!

 With my bro!

 With Smelly :D

Two important man in my life.

HAHAHAH My cute chubby daddy!

Apart from that, if you followed my #chanwoninjapan through instagram then you might already saw some of my recommendation food at Kuromon Market. You can always find the post from my instagram by searching the hashtag. If not, here's the summary of Chanwon's #Diediemust try food. If you ask for my top 1 choice, it will be the butter scallops!

 My favourite butter scallops. I can go Osaka just for this. I love this as much as I love the oyster that I tried @ Miyajima island, Hiroshima.

Like father like son!


Where to SHOP til drop?  

If you are here in Japan for the first time you probably need help on some shopping tips, tax free shop and etc. If you really want to get your shopping list done ALL IN ONE, I'm here to help you. Since most of the time my travel partner is newbie and first timer to Japan, here's the place that I normally recommend them to go. I normally only bring my friend and recommended them to come during the last 2 day or last day of their trip. Firstly because you get all your wish list done by shopping here and tax free once and all together. From snacks to daily essentials, skincare, beauty, make up, even souvenir, luggage and whatever you need can be found here!!

It's the Don Quijote. The shop that selling everything you need from top to toes. The best is...Not done yet until you try to visit this...




Mega Don Quijote gather everything you need in Japan. Whether you like it or not, most of my friend always told me 'no la I won't shop and buy too much, I'm always smart shopper' but then end up two medium size shopping bag out from this building. So whenever I hear my friend say ' no la I won't' I must show them a devil expression.

Just google map Mega Don Quijote. The one I went is located at Shin-Imamiya Station (JR Osaka Loop Line). 3 mins walk from the subway station and you can exit at Tsutenkaku Tower exit. If you stay somewhere nearby Namba station, you can go those located around Dotonbori one instead but those isn't Mega don Quijote.

If you want experience shop til drop at Mega Don Quijote, then you can take train to this location. I choose here because it's near to Shin-Osaka as well. So it's like in between!

 The whole floor is mega don Quijote.

Mega Donquijote will make you feel dizzy because of the large shopping space with Donki Lounge for you to take a rest if you are too crazy after shop til drop. Also a whole corner area with Gacha game machine for you to use away all your 100 yen coins lol. It also included the toilet for you as well as shop til drop messy experience.

 Have no time to take photo because I'm busy bringing my dad around to stop him from buying too many useless staff lol.


If you prefer some quiet and more 'peaceful' cosmetic shopping experience can go to Plaza or other cosmetic store that you spot around Namba or shopping mall area at Umeda. Or even underground shopping mall. But it's best to keep all your money for your last shopping opportunity at Don Quijote because you get to fully utilise all the tax free benefit. So it's quite a good #ChanwonTips for you as well.

Next if your friend love digital staff or electrical products such as camera related products like what I normally shop, watches and any household items as well. I will bring them over to BIC Camera which has English staff who can speak better English and good in explaining the product details for you. My dad bought lots of touch light from Japan lol. I have no idea why but he told me that the touch light has magnet on it and can use that as reading light which place on our working or study desk lol.

Same with Don Quijote and this shop welcome tourist to shop and is tax free. Just remember to bring along your passport with you. You can look through their online store and ask them the product availability as well.

There are time where I get frustrated with my dad because he keep on asking me where to get for souvenir. I thought Don Quijote is the best suggestion for him but he told me he has some 'not very closed friend' and he wish to give them some souvenir with cheaper price. I suggest him to get Japanese snacks but due to our luggage size, we almost fulled so I think better to bring him to shop  for the last few hours before we going to the airport.

End up I decided to bring him over to 100yen shop! Really a 100 yen shop cheaper than Malaysia's Daiso lol.

 My eyes only spot gudetama lol

Everything 100 yen unless the premium are has better quality and 300-500 yen items I think. If not mistake but 90% is 100 yen items. It's so so so so big until I can't even stop myself to shop til drop!



Transportation to the airport. There are few ways to go to the airport. You can either choose taking subway, special direct train to the airport or bus. I tried all of the method to go to airport. If you ask my recommendation I would tell you each has its pros and cons. Here's all the #ChanwonTips for you.

Taking Subway: is one of the most common way back to the airport. The problem is just if you are bringing super big size luggage, it might be hard for you to move and walk with the luggage. If you bringing small or only one luggage then this is quite a good idea for you. It also involve changing diff subway line to arrive to the airport. If you stay somewhere nearby the airport then this is a good choice if you stay really far from the airport, you might need to change 2-3 line just to arrive to the airport. As I mentioned earlier, if you walking with big luggage bags then you might feel really exhausted after all.

Taking Direct express / rapid train refer to all diff theme DIRECT train to the airport which mostly available in most of the tourist spot. For example Namba Station. Just go up to the train and you can directly arrive to the airport within 35 mins and this is the fastest method without the need of keep changing or transfer to one line to diff line. But the problem is not every station has this train. Only specific one with more tourist will be available. Also, the ticket might need to purchase and collect at specific country but this method is the fastest one ever. Just get on it and arrive to airport within 35 mins.

For example, this nankai rapid special train. It's really cool and love the retro interior and comfortable seat as well. I booked it through Klook as well. You can click here for the link. But there is one main drawback of this rapid train, the collection counter is quite hard to find. I only get to find it after asking 3 staffs and look at all sorts of direction. I guess it's because not much people taking this but I spot lots of Korean tourist taking this train.

This is the faster method back to airport but if you can collect the ticket before head then it's best so you no need to carry and dragging the luggage with you go to the collection counter for the ticket and walk all the way with luggage to the train platform. If you prefer the fastest way to airport this is my suggestion.

 Nankai Line Airport Express

 This express train is really retro and cool!

Taking Direct Bus is the easiest and hassle-free method. The bus will stop on few stop station and you can easily purchase the return bus ticket in front of the airport station or like me I book through the Klook. You can click on the link here  and the collecting counter is just at the airport or specific station as stated at the listing. I collect it right away when I arrived in Kansai airport and keep that nicely in my wallet until the last day where I need to use the ticket back to airport from Namba station.

It's the easiest and struggle free method & at the same time the longest time to arrive to the airport. It takes 70 mins to arrive to the airport but if you are bringing many kids, luggage bags or like me traveling with eldest or family members then this is the best method ever. Because the bus driver will help you to place the luggage into the bus luggage space and the rest is just taking one hour nap / rest on the bus itself. The seat is really comfortable as well. If you are not in hurry, this could be one of the alternative way back to the airport.

 Last selfies together in the bus back to the airport.


My Thoughts  

Thank you for your waiting and patience for this post. I guess I have wrote everything you need to know on this blog post. Also all the FAQs that I received over the year, this is one of the best cheat-sheet I want to share with my readers and sweeties fam. Hope you found this useful and I really wish to see you sharing all your beautiful travel photo in Japan. Please enjoy your trip, enjoy Japan and have a great time!

I think that's all about my itinerary/ informative blog post. I will see you on my coming post. See you soon. Love xoxo.