Canmake Cream Cheek 16

20 March 2019

Hello Sweeties! Here's a little review and swatches on Canmake Cream Cheek 16. I have been using this for months since the day I bought it in Japan. I bring it whenever I go, no matter a simple makeup or a full / heavy makeup, this is a highly recommend items from me. I pray it will available in Malaysia and I just saw this color few days ago on Canmake shelf.

Most of the time I bring 2-3 cheeks products with me whenever I'm oversea. The rest never repeat but this one is just something I can't take away from my makeup pouch. I remember during my Yamagata Trip both of my lovely friends went to get 4 of these just to keep stock and afraid that they can't get it back in Malaysia hahahaha!

I love sharing good things with my friends so I can see whether is this suitable on darker skin tone or just fair skin tone. Surprisingly, most of the blusher that I share is normally more of a pink or bright shades but this Canmake Cream Cheek 16 is a colour everyone. I have friends with medium to darker skin tone and both of them love it as much as I do.

I use to love Canmake Cream Cheek CL01, the super bright red but since I finished the one I had I thought why not to give the latest autumn color a try. So I bought it before it even launch in Malaysia last year. Just one try, I bought 2 more back to giveaway to my sweetie through my instagram. I was like ' OMG THIS IS JUST THE COLOR FOR EVERYONE '

Inspired by the dried rose shades, this is by far the most chio color from their collection. Like this is the dried rose color we normally seen in our lipstick collection and when I thought it gonna look too much on my skin, the result just out of my expectation.

The color is really pigmented with just one stroke. With such affordable price, each of this can last for many months. Easy to use the only thing is, since it's cream texture you have to use your fingertips to apply. If you are afraid of it get dirt, maybe you can try the cream cheek tint (the one come with a mini sponge). I love my blusher which can easily blend together with my skin color and whenever I'm on-the-go or on my flight before landed, I just put this into my backpack and apply it right away without any blush.

This is the color once you apply it on your skin. You might think it's too much or too dark for you but trust me, this is really pretty! Let me show you now!!!



I love applying blusher a little big higher than my cheek bone or just right above my cheek. I just love the style and this shades can make my face look slimmer. You can use this as a contour-cheek product if you apply it slightly lower than your apple cheek or apply it in ' \ / ' method.

If you want to have a slimmer face look , blusher kind of contour effect you can apply like this ' \ / ' method. It looks really good on all kind of skin tone and even super easy to match with your lipstick shades.

For cream cheek it's super easy to apply. Just clean your fingertips before start apply any makeup on. Then just one application and you can see the color right above your skin. Then slowly use your fingertips to blend it and if you want to create more of a heavy kind of look, just add on another layer. #ChanwonTips: I often add one more layer on the outer corner of my cheek and it look sooooo beautiful.

 1 layer 

 add on more

I love Japanese product because it always look so natural and beautiful on its own. With this product you are able to control the amount of color you want and add on more layer if you prefer something darker. Look good on fair > medium or slightly dark skin color.

If you haven try this color yet, please grab it whenever you bumped into it on the counter. Hope this color swatches and review can give you a little idea on how it look like on our cheek!


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