28 February 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog and since I just came back from Kanagawa Prefecture few days ago, I thought of combine all the must-go places and to-do itinerary post for you guys again. As most of you guys might planning to visit Tokyo soon in March to April (sakura blossom season) and I thought this could be really useful for you. I must do it fast so that you guys can use this as your reference and itinerary on your coming visit to Japan.

This itinerary is suitable for those who plan to visit to Tokyo but wish to go out of Tokyo for a day trip or if you come too early for the spring sakura season and still wish to see sakura bloom. Here's a chance for you. The winter sakura in Miura, Kanagawa is super duper pretty! The sakura in Miura normally start bloom from Feb until March. It last for a month. So if you have friend who come too early than April and still wish to witness the sakura bloom, or wanted to explore the less tourist spot why not plan for a day trip and pay a visit to Kanagawa prefecture. Other than sakura there are many interesting place to visit and to-do in Kanagawa prefecture as well. Dont say I never share all these hidden spot and must-go places with you guys, please bookmark or save this now 😝

Where's Kanagawa?

First, I'm really happy that it's not my first visit to Kanagawa prefecture. It's my third time not second time omg! Why?

Because it's really near Tokyo. A neighbour prefecture of Tokyo and  Hakone is also located in Kanagawa prefecture lol. The photo above taken from google map, as you can see Hakone and Yokohama is one of the very famous place to visit in Kanagawa prefecture. Most people love to explore the ChinaTown in Yokohama and went to Hakone for onsen (hot spring) experience. I did both and I remember I came here 2 years ago with Smelly and my yolo buddies. I blogged about #FollowChanwonTo Hakone post here and during our visit to Yokohama I remember it was one of the best thing in my life.

It takes around 1 hour to Yokohama and if you go to the southern part of Kanagawa it might takes longer around 1 hour 30 min. Yokohama has the best night view in town and after I went back from this trip, I guess Kanagawa is just everything. From winter sakura point view to onsen and night view is one of the reason to fall in love with it.

We actually went Yokohama to visit our friend and then we accidentally bumped into the Christmas Market there. It was so so so beautiful and I left my heart in Yokohama after my first visit. 

 Our first time in Yokohama, Kanagawa (Dec 2017) at Red Brick Warehouse

This was taken in Dec 2017 and it's one of my favourite photo with Smelly. The Ferris wheel behind us has a name! It's known as 'Cosmo Clock 21' because it's located at the Cosmo World amusement park of Yokohama, Japan. When it first opened, it was the world's tallest Ferris wheel, until the completion of the 108-metre Igosu 108 in Shiga, Japan, in 1992. Opps, both Smelly & I born in 1992 as well! HAHAHAAHHAHA thing getting so interesting now!

If you take note of the clock behind us it's 17:17. In mandarin it means 一起,一起 (which means together in English). I love all these little surprise. I never realise it until I check my photo when I'm back in Malaysia. I guess this is a gift for both of us. Thank you Zen and he is the one who took this photo!

Now back to the topic. I went to Tokyo around 6 days this time and I spend 3 days in Kanagawa. I explore Kanagawa from Miura area to Yokohama area and then during the last few days of my trip, I decided to traveling around Japan myself. Yes, my solo me me time again! Muhahahah So this trip is really fun and so meaningful for me.

So in this post I'm going to list down all my recommendations in Kanagawa as well as some hidden place for you. Also I went to the teamLab in Tokyo as well! Will be sharing that with you guys too. This trip isn't rushing at all. Everything is so relaxing and we back hotel right after dinner as well. Personally I think I really love it. You can plan this as a trip with your parents, friends or a group of people since it's really quite well plan! You can visit Kanagawa as a day trip from Tokyo or spend a night or 3D2N here. I list down all the must-go places and to-do one by one. You can note down the one you would love to visit and plan it accordingly. If not you can follow my itinerary plan too.

So are you ready to #FollowChanwonTo Kanagawa? If yes then let's get started!

Day (1):

- #1: teamLab Tokyo -

We landed in Tokyo at 7am in the morning. We decided to pay a visit to the famous teamLab before going to Kanagawa prefecture. If you are still wondering what is teamLab then you should ready to open up your mind and take a look at all these photos. I have been Tokyo for quite many time but I always can't get the ticket to go in teamLab. It require to book earlier and to be honest, I never expect too much for this as I thought it was just mainly for photo or just some of the instagrammable spot. Until I got the ticket and went in I was like 'what the hell, why I only come here now' 😱

It seems like more than just for photo. I will go to another teamLab in Tokyo again with my friends or Smelly. I think all the youngsters or even my dad will love it! It's a completely new experience for me. I guess maybe because it's really my first time entering to teamLab and I love the whole ideas which combine art, science, technology, design and the natural world. I love how I’m able to touch, feel and immerse myself into such beautiful world.

The lightings is sooo nice and I really enjoy myself and having fun in teamLab. There are actually two teamLab in Tokyo, one has bigger space which is the TeamLab-Borderless (the one with colorful lamps) while this one (teamLab Planet) has a highlight of crystal universe, colorful floating balloon and the water surface.  It’s really a good experience not just for photo but for you to witness it with your own eyes. Now I know why everyone is so into this and the ticket always sold out fast! 

It’s open 10am-10pm on weekdays and for weekend it’s 9am until 10pm. The entrance fee for this will be 2700yen per person.

A lot of you are looking for a specific 'teamLab guide' from me, like how I take photo, how I pose and editing on that. I will talk about it on my next coming post which is more detail one. Will link that on this post as well so you can always check that out.

**Please take note that do not wear skirt when entering this space, there are pants available for you to change as well. The reason is because if you see the photo I took, the floor is actually a mirror. It will reflect your cute little underwear if you go in with your skirt lol. Also your legs will get wet but they will provide you dry towel on each of the section as well. Oh yea, remember that you can't bring any tripod stand when you go in as well. 

So for teamLab Planets, Tokyo the highlight will be:-

(a) The infinite Crystal Universe: This is the first you get to see when you enter the whole space. The crystal lighting change its color all the time. So what you need to do is just keep pressing on your camera shutter lol. 

(b) The drawing water surface of Koi fish: It's all warm water and this is really beautiful. There are some interaction between each koi fish and just look at the colors!!! The koi fish is dancing all around you and you can see the colors on the water itself, just....TOO BEAUTIFUL!

(c) The floating balls: similar to the infinite crystal universe, these floating balls change color all the time and it's really floating all over the space. I love the color pink and purple one!!

There are one more highlight which is the falling universe of flowers but it's too dark, I just enjoy looking at it since it's really too dark for the photo. I really recommend you guys should at least try to visit teamLab once in your life. Just let your body immersed in a massive art space and enjoy everything here. Such an eye-opening experience and we spent around 1 hour 30 mins in this beautiful place. You can stay longer if you want to but we are hungry and craving for food lol!!! Remember to put this into your itinerary if you planning to come to Tokyo.

📍How to access: 1 mins walk from Shin-Toyosu Station(North Exit)


- #2: Miura Kawazu Sakura -

Next is the main highlight of our trip. The Cherry-Blossom viewing point in Kanagawa prefecture. You must be wondering why it’s not spring yet are there any sakura?? The answer is YES, OF COURSE!  There is one kind of Sakura that only bloom in winter.....

Introducing the winter Sakura aka #Kawazu Sakura 🌸🌸 Unlike spring Sakura, Kawazu Sakura bloom during the Feb and last for a month until March! So if you can’t get any holiday during the normal Sakura peak date, you can take note of visiting Japan during the time of Feb for this #WinterSakura. If you worry that you can't take note of the day when is the full bloom of the sakura, no worries there is live camera for you to check on the official website. Will link it for you as well.

There are many hidden spots with the appearance of winter Sakura but what I recommend now is the one located at #Kanagawa prefecture (1 hour away from Tokyo). It’s my very first time getting so close with winter Sakura. Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms are known to bloom early and have large pink flowers. My first impression was it’s deep pink and slightly pinkish that those spring Sakura. Normally it’s all over the sidewalk. If you are looking for another day trip from Tokyo in Feb why not come to experience the beauty of winter Sakura here.

So right after our lunch time, we took train all the way from Tokyo to Kanagawa prefecture. We will be heading to Miura area for the sakura viewing point. If you are coming now until March you can see the sakura completely bloom 100%! It must be really beautiful.

Now here's some #ChanwonTips for you! If you take the normal ticket it might be quite expensive for you to travel to the winter Sakura viewing spot. If you are looking for an inexpensive way please get the special ticket: Misaki Maguro Ticket for yourself.


This ticket is so worth it and the photo above shows the price of the ticket. Quite affordable and with this pass you can get to save another 2610 yen and use that amount of money to shop or eat! You can get it either at the airport or Shinagawa / Yokohama Station as well.

Here's how you can book the ticket through the ticket machine in the station as well. You can check on the official website click here. The website has everything you need to know and it's in English. The ticket included a meal coupon of your choice, the round trip transportation train ticket and some extra one which you can read it through the website.

Also upon your arrival at Miurakaigan Station or Misakiguchi Station on Keikyu lines, you can receive this for free. They gave this to welcome you for the sakura hehe! Just show them your Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket and you will receive a limited-edition original towel.

*note that it only available through the campaign period starting from February 5 to March 10, 2019.  Exchanges are limited to once per person while supplies last.

I fill in some of my detail for the redemption as well. Just 2 simple questions!!!

So yea after one hour plus, we finally arrived in Miura, Kanagawa prefecture. I'm so happy and unlike any other sakura viewing point, this sakura sidewalk spot has the #nanohana as well. The yellow flowers all over the sidewalk. OMG The station even showed it to you guys!!

YAY YAY YAY I'm here for the first time!!! Sorry I can't hide away my excitement!

There are more photo spot for you to take photo. Just outside of the station only.

Even the vending machine has the sakura sticker on it. #YouWinJapan

Here's all the photo taken at Miura and just right in front of the station!! Did you spot the super pinkish sakura? and you can always check the live camera at their official website as well. To see whether it's full bloom or not. Since I went on 10th Feb, surprisingly it's not in its full bloom yet. Just 10% of it and the rest is still too shy to say hi with me. So the following days or now I think it's almost 70% bloom from the photo taken by the tourist.

So we are finding some full bloom spot to take photo but this sidewalk has maybe 5% bloom only. But no worries, we found another sidewalk with some winter sakura :p So lucky!!

 Even the sidewalk look so beautiful. Really can't compare!!! It's so photogenic!!

We continue explore the rest of the place by foot walk only and accidentally we finally found some sakura bloom here!!

  Haven get ready kind of face lol.

 I can't think of  how beautiful it is when it's 100% bloom!! And not much photo bomb is the best thing ever!!


During our visit it’s just 10-15% blooms so for people who visit to Tokyo on the coming two weeks time, pls don’t waste the opportunity for winter Sakura viewing spot! Soooooooo nice and it has #nanohana all around the sidewalk as well. Here's some #ChanwonTutorial #ChanwonPoseGuide for you! lol

OMG! Who is this 😝

 #Sorry out of focus but still so beautiful ok!!

Also, there is Miura Kaigan Sakura Festival held along the railroad from Miurakaigan Station to Komatsugaike Park from the middle of February to the middle of March. There are approximately 1000 kawazu-zakura trees planted along the railroad. There are local products and food such as fresh vegetables are sold in front of the train station.

You can enjoy viewing it as long as you like!

📍Miura Kawazu Sakura, Kanagawa.
How to access and all detail can be found at theOfficial site: click here 


- #3: AWESOME Stay @ Maholova Minds -

Our first night stay is wonderful! I can't believe there is a 'home alike' hotel at such beautiful place in Miura area. Also you can foot walk to the sakura viewing point as well. Super near and convenient. If you are thinking where to stay nearby Miura Kawazu Sakura viewing point area, this should be one of my recommendation!

The hotel has hot spring as well as super yummy buffet which included the unlimited refill on crab meat, sushi and sashimi. The best one I had is their tuna sashimi! SOOOOOOO FRESH AND YUMMY!!!

There are free shutter bus service from the hotel as well. Super easy to find just near by the station and few mins later we arrived at our hotel!


Spot the winter sakura and nanohana flowers sticker on the entrance door!

 Latest news and sakura Live viewing point update

Tons of sakura limited edition snacks.

Also since it's so cold outside, there is hot tea for you. It's free and some welcome snack as well 😭 This is why I can't travel to other country because Japan just sooo good for me!

For all the muslim people, you can also wear your swimsuit and enjoy the natural hot spring at this hotel as well. I really recommend this place for both family and friend as well. If you are shy to go to the public onsen, this could be a good alternative way for you to enjoy the hot spring with your friends and family. This hotel has limited edition sakura theme room as well... I will be back and stay at the sakura room next time!

Now, it's house tour! Not room tour!! This hotel's room can stay for 5 pax like a small family. So cozy and completely feel like an apartment than a hotel. Like all the homeaway apartment I use to stay in Japan. There are kitchen area, huge living room with TV, nice view from the balcony, huge bath tubs and so on!! Let me show you now...

 Hey guys, welcome to my house! HAHAHAH

 There are two rooms here. One with 3 beds and another one with only 2 beds.



 View from my room!

I can stay here forever...

After check in and put our luggage, we had some rest in our room and decided to go the onsen & bath. As usual all onsen stay hotel has their own yukata and I'm wearing this beautiful pastel yukata & enjoying my buffet dinner.

 Sakura drink :D

 You are welcome! No one will steal it away from you!! You can take everything if you want !!!

Fresh made sushi! Although it's buffet but the quality + freshness of the sushi and sashimi is really good! 

 I can't live without sushi and strawberry! 

Don't jealous, you can enjoy your crab buffet here as well. Look how big the crab is. We are quite full so we just took 3-5 pieces only lol. I can imagine if smelly was here, he will be the one ignore me and just enjoying his freshly cooked crab lol

So full! Cheesie refill for the second time but I'm totally KO.


Day (2):

- #4: Fishery Auction Observation -

Wake up quite early on the next morning because we are going to the fishery auction today! It's free entrance, no ticket require and you will be surprise how clean their auction is. I love observing things that is completely diff than our home country such as their auction market like this.

 Freeze Tuna 

Then this old man saw us taking photo of the tuna fish, he pull it out again for us to take photo. I wonder how old he is and still so strong omg. Also, he teach us how to determine the tuna fish whether it's the best one or the less good one.

Since it's the auction market, the highest price buyer can bring home the tuna fish that they have successfully win from the auction. All the tuna fish queue and arrange accordingly by it's weight and rate. The most expensive and good quality one will be in the front and slowly the rest of the fish.

OCD people like me feel so happy to see this lol. For the super good one per kg can cost around 1630yen. If sell to the market then it will be 4 times higher. Like wholesale market, not everyone can buy it here only special buyer and people are allow to enter and join the auction. All the buyer will take a paper and write down the price they wish to get the fish home and pass it to the counter.

 It's so clean and it's all bidding, can't negotiate at all.

 The auction counter.

I asked if it's sold out everyday, the answer is yes and right after the auction, can you see how clean it is!!!?

We also went into the 'knowledge classroom' and the staff here just share some knowledge to us about the diff type of tuna fish and the process of catching the fish.

I'm so hungry right now lol

📍Location: Miura City Misaki Seafood Regional Wholesale Market
5-245-7 Misaki, Miura-shi, Kanagawa
Best visit time at 9am (when the auction start)
Website: click here


- #5: Underwater Sightseeing Boat (Rainbow Fish Boat) -

This is the coolest underwater boat ever and the best part is, the boat itself is rainbow color! So cute and let me show you how cool it is!!!

 This is the downstair of the underwater sightseeing boat!! So cool right?!

This is the rainbow fish boat. Look exactly like the one I spot in the ticket.

From far!!

Ticket counter open at 9:00 and the first ship start at 9:20 til the last ship at 16:00. Take note if it's in winter season, the last ship will be here at 15:00. For the entrance fees it's 1200 yen for adult and 600yen for children.

You thought boat or underwater tour will be boring? NOT AT ALL!! It's so fun and let me show you why!!

 The entrance for underwater tour lol OMG! SO CUTE!!

There are few activities or to-do available on the boat. First, you can enjoy an underwater tour of the sea. Next, you can feeding the fish and bird as well.

You can see various fishes swimming in the water such as damselfish, greenfish, pufferfish and seachub from the observation deck.

So clean and perfect! lol

 Can even start shooting here lol

 Cheesie & Chanwon <3

Wow.... Better experience than seeing the fish in the aquarium!

Saw a cute baby here ☺️ Hello Baby, please be healthy <3
Look at the cheeks, so chubby and kawaiiii!!


 Next we go up stair and it's feeding time!

 The boat is so colourful and so the uncle xD Look at his neon yellow beanie and sunglasses! COOL!

Omg this can be a wallpaper!

 Hello guys! Please don't bite me xD 
Okay, they won't bite no worries~

 omg this one even fly in to eat his food xD 
So funny!!

 Then it's almost freezing upstair, so I went down to the observation desk again lol

 Then you can feed the fish as well hehe!

 Then they told us once they know it's not their feeding time they will be like this!
OMG Such clever seabirds.

📍Underwater Sightseeing Boat Rainbow Fish (click here)
Address: 5-3-1 Misaki, Miura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

 We also went to the nearer market located nearby the rainbow boat and spot this epic UFO machine!!


 Fish Clutch lol! I need this! Sure look fabulous if I bring this and dress up to the events.

Super good quality one! omg!

Also hug this super duper huge #Daikon for the first time! I dont eat Daikon and I normally consume it on soup based but during this trip, I give it a try. It's not scary at all! Quite sweet and nice to eat lol. Dont judge!! I eat some of the vegetables now, just not all 


- #6: Lunch @ Kaisen 海鮮 -

Next it's our lunch time. We decided to have sushi again. This conveyor belt sushi just located 3 mins walk from Miurakaigan Station only! Super near and easy to find.

What should I order? hmmm~

At the end I decided to order the special Maguro combo set. which cost only 2160yen. Cost only RM79 for all these special tune sushi!

 My favourite is this!! It melted directly on my tongue and the tuna meat just super duper soft omg! 

📍Kaisen 海鮮@ Miura, Kanagawa
Address: 3372-18 Minamishitauramachi Kamimiyada,
Miura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 238-0101, Japan.


- #7: Strawberry Picking -

Mu first ever strawberry picking in Japan! I experience grape picking last year in Okayama, now is strawberry and I hope soon I can try peach picking as well. I have been loving strawberry for years, I love how it taste and then suddenly something came across my mind. I asked one of the question to the owner of the farm whether is strawberry taste sweeter during winter time? Or winter strawberry is normally taste sweeter than the rest. 

(Because normally I bought strawberry during winter time in Japan is usually the sweetest one.)

So the answer for this question is YES. It's a real fact now! Finally I got an answer. lol No wonder during the time I visit to Mt. Fuji the strawberry taste super duper sweet and it's only cost so little.

If you are interested to visit to #Kanagawa prefecture + you wish to try few types of strawberries or you are a fan of this, can always google search the nearest strawberry farm. If you want my recommendation, this would be a good choice because not much people and there are more than 5 types of strawberry here. The problem is, can you finish it? Hahahaahah

Entrance fees from 1200-1900 yen depending on the period you go. If it's on this period (6/1-end of Feb) it cost for 1700 yen! Eat all you can within 30 mins. 😋 Please enjoy and make sure don’t overeating it!

Here's some of the photo I took in the strawberry farm!

Want to have some? 😋 dipped into condensed milk 

 #OOTD everywhere! AHAHAHAHAH

So big and sweet!

Entrance fees 

📍Tsukuihamakankono Orchards 津久井浜観光農園 click here
Address: 5-15-20 Tsukui, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa


- #8: Yokosuka Art Museum -

Next we went to check in our hotel and this is the art museum that located 2 mins foot walk distance away from our hotel. We stay at Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel on the second night. It was a nice sea view hotel and also the highlight will be the glamping theme hotel as well. Will talk about that later and now let take a look at the beautiful Yokosuka Art Museum.

This art museum has the most photogenic spot ever. I love every corner of this art museum and the use of space, circles, lighting and a warm peaceful combination of everything. This is the first museum I went with an incredible views across the bay. There is a rooftop here with a perfect viewing point of SkyTree and Chiba. Now let me show you all the awesome interior detail here~

It's open from 10am- 6pm and admissions fees for adult will be 310 yen and student / senior over 65 years old will be 210 yen. While kids under fifteen is free.

This museum has a famous Italian restaurant and also museum shop located right beside the entrance. I see lots of family are having their lunch here and the ambiance is really nice. I can see why they will come here for the food. Other than that, the unique architecture that harmonizes with its surroundings as well as the outstanding view is my cup of tea!!

 This view is so nice! OMG Everything just so perfect!

#ArtisticChanwon! 😝

 There are various exhibition held on this art museum and this wall is my favourite so far!

OMG! 文藝氣息就是這樣培養的 xD

Here's the incredible views across the bay. I think all Japanese Art Museum rooftop look stunning!

Some of the photo I took at this art museum.

📍Yokosuka Museum of Art click here
Address: 4-1, Kamoi, Yokosuka-shi,Kanagawa


- #9: Stay @Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel -

So now here's I'm sharing my staying experience at Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel. This is modern kind of luxury experience hotel. The hotel located just one hour away from Tokyo. So if you are thinking to escape from the busy city in Tokyo and looking for a good spa + hotel stay, here's the one for you. The highlight of this hotel is the glamping room where you can have a full Seaview right in front of your glamping room, enjoy the BBQ and so on.

Other than that this hotel's restaurant serve the best western fine dine quality food as well. I love my stay because the spa experience is super duper good and the public bath room (hot spring) is really luxury kind of design. It's very modern like those luxury spa place that you won't see on most of the normal standard kind of public onsen.

The room has a good sea view and you can see there is a binoculars available and placed on your room's table. Lots of couple came here for their wedding day and I think this is completely a luxury hotel. If you have more budget, why not to stay here for a night and enjoy the facilities and dining here.

From the entrance of the hotel you can immediately see the sea view at the lobby!

My room!

Waking up like this everyday ☺️

Then I realise the lighting is just so good for photo shoot. So here's some photo taken with the timer feature + tripod stand. I run like hell for this photo. Just click then run to pose and check the photo and run again! lol #effortpaidoff

 Cool Pose~

 Kawaii pose~

Crazy one~ lol

Binoculars!! HAHAHAHA First time seeing this place on the table.

- Snow Peak Glamping -

If you love to experience something different and create special memories with your loved ones, here's the glamorous Camping Facility for you to enjoy. It has the best sea side Ofuro view ever. You can enjoy BBQ at night and waking up like a queen with this stunning view on the next morning hehe!

I never try sleeping inside a wooden camp like this!! Maybe one day 😏

 Came here for photo purpose only :p 

 Imagine myself staying here for a night lol

The view!

 #OOTDchanwon everywhere~

After that we actually took a bath and enjoy the spa time at the hotel. It's super duper GOOD I TELL YOU. One hour isn't enough at all. There are diff type of massage and I just choose whatever Cheesie choose lol. At first wanna try the aroma massage but due to my super tired shoulder I decided to take the bodycare massage that use to treat tired leg and shoulder. Like those 穴位按摩 kind of massage! 

Surprisingly it's SOOOO GOOD! 

Public bath! 

The aroma treatment room with sea view~

In the end I took the 60 mins 5960 yen course because my shoulder is too tired and I a good treatment to treat it. OMG It's so good especially the head massage part and I love their service. Really #taitailife the max!

After taking our bath and massage, we are here for DINNER!

Since we have sushi and buffet for quite a number of time, is time to try diff dish! We decided to go for the western course!!

 There are 2 or 3 more dishes but I keep eating & forgot to take picture of it lol

I'm feeling so satisfied with everything. Really worth every single cent you spent in this hotel. The service is totally more than 5 stars!!! The fine dine quality food is good and I'm being pampered like a princess!! I wish to pamper myself like this at least once every few months!! Really a good experience and I got nothing to complain about it except I wish to go for the massage again AHAHAHAHAH!!

Honestly Japanese massage is quite good, I think next time whenever I spot any massage treatment I will just go for it!

Address: 2 Hashirimizu, Yokosuka, 
Kanagawa Prefecture 239-0811, Japan


Day (3):

- #10: Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise -

On the following day we move from Kanagawa area to Yokohama. It takes around 30 mins and firstly we went to the Sea Paradise which has a special magic performance with sea lion & beluga whale and other performance with dolphin. The highlight of this Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is the super funny magic show. While the aquarium is quite small because it was build 25 years ago.Next at the funeral lagoon, you can interact with friendly sea animal as well.The magic show with sea lion and beluga whale is really cute!

4-in-1 Aquarium Pass and it cost 3000yen per person.

Meet with old friends on our trip! Surprise~ 

 Giant tako lol

 World's biggest crab omg!

Since the show isn't ready yet, is time for some OOTDchanwon!

The sea paradise show is really fun and cute as it combine some simple magic trick and interaction with both sea lion & beluga whale. Also the last highlight is the dancing and flying dolphin!

 The magic trick lol. The sea lion seem really old now.

 Funny magic show

 omg...damn cute!

 Kiss kiss <3

 There are few souvenir shop here. Our favourite sirotan!




Actually there is one famous outdoor BBQ restaurant here in the aquarium but it's too cold on that day. So we are not going to have the BBQ and at the end we decided to try other food like my favourite white rice HAHAHA!

📍Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise 


- #11: Sankeien Garden  -

Next after lunch we went to Sankei-en Garden. A spacious Japanese garden that created by Sankei Hara, who is a successful Yokohama businessman who build a fortune through trading of silk and raw silk from the end of Meiji Era to the Taisho Era. The highlight of this garden is the perfect combination of 17 historical structures which gathered from places such as Kyoto and Kamakura. Many local people came here to take their wedding couples photo and also shooting with the traditional kimono. It's also known as a 'Place pf Scenic Beauty' in 2007.

Since we came here in the beginning of Feb there is nothing much to see but if you come here during the sakura and autumn season then it's really beautiful. You can spot it from the photo above. I get it from google image.

It's open from 9am - 5pm daily and the last entry at 4.30pm. The admission fees for adult is 700yen while for children 14 years old and under will be 200 yen. It closed at Dec 29-31(3 days).

 Here's some of the photo I took during my visit to Sankeien Garden.

 Can you imagine how beautiful it is when the whole garden surrounded with autumn colors or pink sakura?


Next we joined the Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. All the staff who working here is currently 50 years old - 60 years old with more than 30 years experience omg! I admire their passion and love toward their job and I can even feel it by just sitting here.

 There is English booklet for you if you can't understand Japanese language. 

Little things! Do you know... when they pass the bowl of green tea to you, the front of the tea bowl will always facing you. It's a sign of respect and give the best one for the people they served.

Next they ask us who want to try and I raise my hand because I never try before. So I went up and follow exactly what she taught me. The first 30 seconds I almost give up, so hard to even hold the thing and your hand gesture must exactly on the same position only the presentation can look good in front of others. Then, after I done making my tea I just drink it, OMG it's terrible. Taste so different with the one they make for us.

Mine is very powdery, bitter and not smooth at all. Now I know the comparison of 5 mins experience with 30 years experience 😂😂😂😂 Not easy tho!!

📍Sankeien garden 


- #12: Check in & Stay @Royal Park Hotel Yokohama  -

We decided to check in our room and put our luggage back to the hotel before we go to the Royal Wing Cruise and enjoy our dinner. So here's our one night stay at Yokohama at Royal Park Hotel. It's a grand hotel with a beautiful night sky view of Yokohama. It look prettier at night and I can see the Ferris wheel right in front of my room. Damn nice!

My room!

It look stunning at night! Show you the photo later~

Last night in Kanagawa prefecture and tomorrow I'm going to have my solo trip in Japan again! Yaaaahoooooo~

At night!

Also want to highlight the breakfast view from the breakfast place in the hotel is just awesome! You have to come here to witness it yourself. Photo taken on the day before I leaving this hotel at Yokohama.


- #13: Royal Wing Dinner Cruise -

My first cruise experience! I thought I won't feeling dizzy at all but I did. I guess it's all because I'm lack of sleep since 2 days ago lol. But so far the night and sunset view from the cruise distract me from feeling sick lol.

 This is the cruise that we will be going later! Yay!

 I'm here babehhh~

 Also there is a wedding space inside the cruise!

 Enjoying the sunset view!

 Cruise dinner time!

The cruise served all Chinese food as it's one of the Yokohama's highlight. Like the China town and restaurant in Yokohama. I mad love the omelet and also the dim sum!!

There are photography service provided on the cruise and also free making balloon to make you happy. I can't sit and do nothing because I feel extra dizzy when I'm indoor. So I decided to go out and breath the outdoor air lol. Of course finding photo spot as well!!

 No joke, it's freezing outside! So cold!! only 7 degree I can't think of how cold it will be when the sky turn completely dark.

#ChanwonPoseGuide 2.0

 Hello Captain!

 I left my heart again in Kanagawa!!

Now the sky turned completely black!

So beautiful and romantic right?!

 Love spot for you to take photo! HAHAHAA

Missing you~ 

So cold!!!

 Yokohama famous souvenir!

Lucky draw game! 200 yen per game~

The night and sunset view on the cruise is really beautiful and I love how I can enjoy the beautiful night view from the cruise. It's just so romantic and if you are interested to experience this, feel free to click on the link and detail below. I linked everything on this post for you guys~

📍Royal wing dinner cruise 


- #My Thoughts and Summary -

Right after I back from the dinner cruise, I start packing for my luggage and start my solo trip in Japan! So I guess that's all to sum up my recommendation , must-go places and to do in Kanagawa. I hope this blog post can be really helpful for you and please visit the Kawazu sakura in Miura area, it's really super duper beautiful at both day and night time. A bonus is there has less tourist and you can enjoy taking photo and viewing the pinkish sakura all over the sidewalk!

You can take this as a day trip from Tokyo because it takes only 1 hour to Kanagawa or Yokohama. If you have more time, can try to stay and overnight for 1-2 days in Kanagawa as well.

Here's the summary of the itinerary:-
Day (1): Teamlab > Lunch > Miura Kawazu Sakura viewing spot > Dinner & Stay
Day (2): Fishery Auction Observation > Underwater sighseeingboat (Rainbow Fish Boat) > Lunch > Strawberry Picking >Yokosuka Art Museum > Dinner & Hotel
Day (3): Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise > Lunch > Sankeien Garden > Royal Wing Dinner Cruise > Hotel & Stay
Day (4) onwards: Back to Tokyo 

Hope you love my sharing and please enjoy your coming trip to Japan. Thank you for reading my blog and I will see you on my next coming post. See ya! Good night~ Love, xoxo.

Map provided by Wanderlog, a travel planner