Outer Beauty is not equals to all♥

13 October 2010

Sorry for the disappear this few days :) This week is the second week for my 2nd semester =] Everything ok..All lecturers are so efficient ..no early back ! no late than 10 mins if not your attendence will be zero ...So?! what to do..everyday must sleep before 12am :( can i?!

Okie~ our moral studies need to get into a group and find a topic to present it in front all our classmates..I haven present our group's topic yet :P Lucky! haha* let's talk about something that I not really agree with my classmate presentation's topic !

I mean something we can discuss about it =] he wonder why nowadays outer beauty is so important to get a job ..I know that people which handsome and pretty will always attractive and caught people's eye..It is true that attractive people can get a job easily. For example, we know good-looking guys usually get higher scores on job interviews.In our society, beauty also gives us many advantages such as having a good social life, making friends, getting a job, and getting a promotion. Whenever, we look at good-looking guys and girls, we usually form stereotypes. We think he or she is a good and kind person. But it doesn't mean that people who don't have a good looking face or maybe attractive face cant get a job!

I feel that these things make us believe beauty is very important--especially physical attractiveness! But can you imaging a person who have a beautiful or handsome face but he or she dressing like so weird and do not have any ability?! and then he or she go interview to get a job..Do you think he/she can success ? Outer beauty is not so important to get a job actually..if everyone agree that good-looking guys and girls can easily get a job then what to do with those people who don't have an attractive face?!  go jump from KLCC or maybe Suicide?!

As I grew up, I began to realize outer beauty was not so important to make someone good..Outer beauty is not equals to all!  We cant change the way we look…. But we can still dressing and change our hairstyle….do little make up… n wear different styles of clothes that can make us look better…… but out basic features which we are born cant be altered…  unless one goes for costly plastic surgery… but please don't often look to plastic surgery to make us more beautiful because the beauty looked at with eyes doesn't last forever. Instead of concentrating on outer beauty, we should concentrate on inner beauty. So, if we make the effort to make our minds beautiful, we'll be happier . Instead to show our outer beauty , why not to show that we have the ability to get the job!
♥Again!!! .Outer beauty is not equals to all♥

  In conclusion I would say that both are important and at first view physical beauty always wins but in the long run the heart of gold has the last word and I think the inner beauty radiates outwards to make a person beautiful...am i right? =]


  1. so do u think u r in outer beauty or inner beauty

  2. true. so you should drink more Brand's Inner Shine! hahahahaha. =p

    dun worry la. u have the inner beauty.
    I remember the first time i saw u during orientation where u wanted to play guitar even though you just learn and needed to play infront of the crowd. =)