26 May 2009

Since everyone was so interesting with my phone..
I write this article to let you know and answer you all..
okiee ??=)

My phone is buy from a people in the internet..
904SH.. i love the CAMERA..
although it is only 3.2 but the picture quality is very good

903SH also not bad as well...
but i bough 904SH..haha because pink colour..
my pink colour is abit darker than the picture above..


this 2 picture is my Japan phone 904SH..
i bought 3 month or 2 month ago..
i use it for taking picture only..
can receive call and sms..
MMS cannot 3G cannot.
this is the picture using this phone to take and without editing..

my darling say this phone is abit thick..
i agree that..hahahaaa

that all about my phone =)

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