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11 June 2019

Hello Sweeties💕 Welcome back to my blog! I have been waiting to post this on my blog before I share this life saver through my instagram stories. I know and I can confirm that I will receive tons of enquiries about the review, how to use, price, size and reason why I recommend this on my dm. So to make both of our life easier, I decided to put and mark everything down for you guys so you can refer and read it back whenever you want. 

If you watched my video or ig stories, you might know that I have serious sinus in the morning and easily get rashes on my skin. Part of it is because I can easily get allergic with dust or if there are bed mites or dust mites on my bed, I'm always the one who suffer from it. It's why I'm quite OCD and I'm a clean or maybe a neat freak. All my friends knew this and I clean my house and change my bed sheet as much as possible.

Sometimes due to my travel schedule and work I tend to be lazy and the next morning, I get rashes and running nose all day long. It's so suffer and I have sensitive nose which trouble me since I was a kid. Til the beginning of 2019, I spot some of my friend who ask for the mattress cleaning service to their house and I start taking note of it. Also, while research about the ways to reduce dust and bed mites, I come the mattress cleaning machine which can be easily use at home!! 

Then I try to google it out and even spot it in Japan. However, due to the voltage difference and warranty issues I didn't get it in Japan. I'm looking for the one with international plug or maybe can be use directly in Malaysia without the need of worrying the voltage difference & warranty as well. While researching that it reminds me of the group purchase website that I use to purchase all my Taiwan haul and the travel size hair dryer last year.

Next, guess what!!!!

I found the mattress cleaner that I spot in Japan from the website and I was like 'OMG SAVE MY LIFE NOW' with 1 year warranty and comes in with the voltage which can use directly in Malaysia. Next, of course get one to try on and decided to share these review + where I got it with all of you.

Happy girl is happy because of this household items lol

I received it since last month but only free to take photo and share this review with you guys. This items is the best creation ever. I tried it once and can see how terrible my beds are despite I change the bed sheet and clean it really frequent. Please take note this is not a vacuum, this is known as mites killer!!

Not only can use on bed, you can use it on your blanket, pillows, cushion sofa (not leather kind of sofa) and bed sheets as well. I'm really surprise it really does the magic and I just move the cleaner back and forth on my bed for few mins, the next thing I do is open the mesh filter and it became like this 😱😱😱😱😱 wtf

It's disgusting and I can't imagine myself putting and hug my pillows every night. All these mites just stick on my bed and sleep together with me. My sensitive nose is getting serious day by day until I'm getting everything and trying to reduce it and reduce the chances of getting rashes all over my skin, not just face but leg and hand. It's freaking itchy!!!

There are lots of choices out there but this IRIS OHYAMA is really famous in both Japan and Taiwan. There are other brand mites cleaner from range RM600 to RM4,000 depend on whether it's home use or business use. My friends who run their few homestay, they told me they get the super big (not home use one) and it cost around RM4K but it's worth because they can use it to clean all their homestay's bed every time. But it's really too big and soon, someone create the small kind of home based use machine like the one I share now!!

#IRIS OHYAMA dust / bed mites mattress cleaner

I think nowadays I feel extra happy when I got my dream household products lol. Anything makes my life better is just a big big point for it. So here's the mattress cleaner I get from wwMummyGrab click here. I got my travel size hair dryer, vacuum pack, bread maker from this website. It's trustable and selling lots of useful household product as well. I shared quite a number of time so I hope this answer all your enquiries on where I get these mattress cleaner.

I'm really happy that this set comes along with the Mesh Filter (left) and Exhaust Filter (right) as well. The mesh filter cost RM89.90 for two while the exhaust filter cost for RM29.90. Original price is around RM699 but now with RM599 you can get the mattress cleaner as well as 2x mesh & exhaust filters. If you purchase the filter itself it gonna cost you around RM100. So I think for price range, it's consider the cheapest in the market with 1 year warranty as well.

Dont worry if you can't read Japanese because inside the box, there will be an English user manual for you!

It's also the most compact and smallest home use mattress cleaner design in the market. Normally the one I search on google are black color and huge in size, but this is full white and even put at a corner of your home also look super duper nice!

 User Manual

 Warranty Card for 1 year



 Look really beautiful dear~

 Some of the close up photo for you to refer!

 On/off button & 3 mode available for you to choose from. 

 Can be use in Malaysia.

 The exhaust filter cover

 Although the size of this mattress cleaner is really compact but look at this part, maximum capacity to get rid all the bed mites & dust mites!!

#How to use

It's very easy to use. I thought it's hard but when I read the user manual book I was like OMG, just 3 step. Plug , turn on and choose the mode you like and you can see the cleaner is working like a pro! The light is green and it will turn to orange OR red as well. 

The color of the light indicate the amount of bed and dust mites available. When it's green it means Clean, orange is almost clean while red is NOT CLEAN. When it's red, then you know what to do!! After all, you need to clean the filter , just take it out and wash it with tap water & let it dry. Really go green & really eco for this cleaner.

 Loving how easy it is to use and light weight as well. 

Can use it on your blanket, mattress , bed sheet, pillow, bolster or even cushion sofa!




 Happy face and selfie with my life saver now!

When cleaning the dust on the filter, just remove the dust cap from the cleaner.

 Take the mesh filter out from it.

Then you can put everything and remove the dust in the water to avoid splattering of dust. Strongly recommend you to remove the filter from dust cap in the water. I just pour this out for demo and showing purpose. Wanna show you how effective it is to remove all the bed and dust miles with this cleaner.

Just one use it can clean so much and I'm so glad that it's available in the market now. Now I know why all the household wife in Japan love and rate this the best home use mattress cleaner! Once you done just unplug it at keep it inside your wardrobe / closet or you can just place it in a corner. It look so pretty as well!

#Reason Why

There are few main reason why I decided to get it from the website not asking 代購 or buy it myself from Japan / Taiwan.

(1) Voltage issues: Most of the voltage is using 120V while in Malaysia we need to convert it to 240 V. If you buy it in Japan and use the voltage converter, it can spoil easily within few months. So best part is get the one with Malaysia plug and 240 V. 

(2) SIRIM Approved: This get and certified by SIRIM so you can use it safely at your home with any worries

(3) 1 Year Warranty: Just like when you buy a camera oversea, it's impossible for you to get the warranty in your home country. So I never think of getting it in Japan or Taiwan as I know I want to make sure the warranty card is accessible in Malaysia. So ended up thank god I decided to wait til I found this. I can claim warranty anytime in Malaysia.

(4) English buttons and user manual: All in English because this version is well designed for everyone to use in Malaysia. Also this is the improved version as the mode and on/off button is separate. The normal version is only come in one button.

(5) Free filter in the set: If I purchase 2 packs of filter and it gonna cost me around one hundred+. But when I count it early through the website everything with the machine itself only cost for RM599. I did research the price in both Taiwan and Japan, both more or less around 60-90RM difference only but then get this you can enjoy 1 year warranty, Malaysia 240v plug and all. So definitely the price is reasonable.

(6) Light Weight and easy to use at home : This is only 1.6kg and super easy to use and clean your mattress everyday!!

Where to get

You can click on the group purchase link here: Click Here and it will be deliver to your doorstep! No need to worry because I always get all the big big product from their website. 

I remember I got collaborate with this website before last year, the discount / promo code still available. Just quote [ChanwonOFF10] to enjoy RM10 off when shop through the website. Valid until end of June 2019.

So I hope I answered all your enquiries and question. Hope this review and sharing post will be useful for you. If you looking for a mattress cleaner, remember to check this out! I'm happy with it!! See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


  1. This is one my my Best Buy for this year. That dust indicator is so canggih and the cleaner outlook is so cantik and handy. LOVEEEEEEEE. Thanks to chanwon sweetie with the hor kang promo code.

    1. you joining the giveaway sweetie? If yes also include your email add ya~

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have been eyeing this cleaner for quite a long time and I finally bought it just because you said “买‼️‼️” �� how to resist?! �� I love it just because I need it ❤️ Going to use on all the beds in my house and keep all the bed mites away!
    RM10 cheaper now! With the code from you! Thankiu!!

  4. I read your blog and your insta story I felt that’s it’s amazing ��. I hope I can get this soon for my expecting baby use and for my sensitive nose husband dust a bit also sneezing already .

    Email :

  5. Everyone will thought as long as we change the mattress covers and comforter , then it is clean. Until I saw this from you. I never really thought a `clean' bed could have so much bed mites. And this make sense when u say it only can be seen under microscope 😂. I straight screenshot and send to my bf for future planning. Really wanna get it but it is too expensive for me as I've just started working and still on a tight budget. Will definately save for this! And hope they still sell it by the time I have the budget to get this cleaner ❤️

  6. This item is in my list! I saw your video before this. Even you changed your cover every week, the dust are still be there. Hope to receive this limited edition. Is toooooo cute ����

  7. 我的鼻子也超敏感,每次tisu都用了好多盒,这东西也太厉害了。等存够钱我要买来吸完我家里全部被枕头,爸爸妈妈妹妹们的全部被枕头什么。看到你吸出来的那些太可怕了,不能想象每天都跟他们一起睡觉

  8. I’m the one who so sensitive on dust, so I really want this to solve my problem. And I just trust the product that u recommend. I’m going to get this soon, thanks chanwon for ur sharing.♥️

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  10. I am asthmatic towards dust so this mattress cleaner is God-sent because it eliminates the tendency for asthma attack. I am tempted to buy one so my mattress will be spanking clean and fresh.

  11. I myself is having allergic nose and was super sensitive to dust. Thought of the surrounding air is not clean causing me to have this nose problem, never link it to the bed until i saw you cleaning ur bed with this machine. Decided to buy one and try it on, after cleaning my bed see whether there is any improvement on my nose. Thank you for the good product recommendations.
    Email :

  12. I bought this mattress cleaner after i saw your insta stories and read every details of this mattress cleaner in your blog. I would like to buy the mattress cleaner long long time ago but i didnt find any good quality mattress cleaner after doing all my researches. Since the day i saw your insta post, I quickly made my order on the website! ��

  13. 很喜欢你介绍的东西,

  14. I need this dust mites mattress cleaner because nowadays even if I clean the house well with a helper’s help, I will still get sinus due to the dust which can be hidden in the pillow, mattress and bolster! Would really love to win this to help ease my problem so that I won’t have to sneeze like mad every time I’m on the bed which gonna make me have horrible nights��


  15. Dust mites killer! Interesting! Especially when you highlighted it’s not vacuum, really caught my eyes! I hope the next generation of the cleaner will be designed as to no need to change filter ! Thank you for sharing again ChanWon!

    email :

  16. Chanwon because of your ig and blog I got to know about this amazing product and yes I’m going to order it soon! I have the same allergy as you and change my bedsheets weekly! With this I can clean and monitor my bed! You always share the best things to us! thank you very much for being so thoughtful at all times! Hopefully I can win the hairdryer too! Would be just in time for my Melbourne trip next month! ❤️

  17. All the while I have skin allergy and rashes problem. After I watched your Insta Story, I started to doubt is it due to dust mites.

    On the next day morning, I have decided to buy one and try. Thanks for your code as I can have RM10 discount. The vacuum cleaner will reach me by tomorrow (should be). Can't wait to see how much dust mite will be vacuumed out tomorrow!! I believe will be more than yours!! LOL

    My email address is,

    Again, thank you for your sharing ❤

  18. I bought this super geng chao mattress cleaner straight away after saw your insta story and blog!!
    I shared your blog to my siblings and they also support me to buy, without any objection!

    You know I bought this for my father as Father’s Day present because I know he did surveyed about mattress cleaner product before. Although he haven’t receive the product but I can imagine his happiness and shock once he received it. Can’t wait !!

    Also that’s another thing that I wanted to tell you, the MummyGrab customer service is shooooo nice, I really feel so warm and appreciated because they are willing to help me to insert a handwritten sticky note with “爸爸 父亲节快乐 我们爱你❤️”! That’s a small action that would delight my dad’s day and I really appreciate them so much!

    Thanks ChanWon, thanks for recommended this product and also the super duper kindful seller.
    This is my most happy and satisfied online shopping ever. Love you ! ❤️

    Email :

  19. Hi Chanwon,I've been looking for dust mites mattress cleaner for few years.After I saw your insta stories,I decided to buy this cleaner for my family especially my dad.This is because Chanwon 介绍比属佳品,I believe that this cleaner will reduce my dad super sensitive nose.This cleaner will be one of the best best best Father's Day present that I brought for him.����
    Thanks for your sharing and Happy Father's Day to your dad.����

  20. I used to thought that any vacuum cleaner will do ,for the cleaning job.. nvr really heard of this until Chan Won recommended! Is pretty cool to see the results,and i think we should really take care of our bed's hygiene as i really understand how was it like when you got bed bite!!! Thank you for the detail informations❤️🙏🏻

  21. I’m the one who so sensitive on dust, so I really want this to solve my problem. And I just trust the product that u recommend. Thanks chanwon for ur sharing.♥️ Mostly I would buy the things that u sharing. Thank you
    Email :

  22. I was looking for this kind of cleaner since last year but most of the brands I saw is few thousands bucks at least so I did not buy. But finally, thanks for your information, finally found a cheaper version and I am planning to get one soon!Thanks Chanwon again... but another broke month!!! haha

  23. 我立即入手了一部。真好想买给我父母,谢谢你的好康介绍 ❤️

  24. I have skin allergy issues. After saw your Instagram story sharing fast grab it with RM10 discounts code.

    Thanks Chanwon for ur sharing ❤️


    一直寻找dust mites mattress cleaner.

  26. Wah.... Thanks so much for the recommend! And thanks for the discount code also.. For my convenience, I don't need to go outside store to compare and search for few dustmite vacuum.. I will just get this! Haha..

  27. For the mattress cleaner I was survey long time ago. Finally, I saw ur blog I just click to buy . And also I have a sensitive nose always keep sneeze. So I really need this for helping me breathe freely.
    Thanks chanwon to sharing the good things for us!

  28. hi chawon, i managed to grab one before its running out of stocks as the ready stock left not much by that time i placing the order. this is the first time i am purchasing household product online after seeing your insta stories. hope that i could win myself the giveaway as i always carrying heavy hair dryer with me when i am travelling and its taking lot of my luggage space & heavy lol. thanks.

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