#FAQs: Everything you need to know about Ovary Hormone Treatment & 整骨 @ SkinHouse, JB

25 July 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Thank you for clicking into this post again. This is one of the top requested post that everyone is so curious about and I thought since I'm in my new space, I decided to have a little time again to share all this informative with all of you. As I knew that it's something that you wish to know plus, something that I would like to share with you so you know how to differentiate and really consider is this kind of treatment worth or not.

For those who followed me on instagram you know that I'm really active posting my everyday life on my stories. I actually went through a lot changes in my life within this few years and I have problems with my skin, bone and also my hormone problems. I guess it's all because I'm no longer young, I'm in the mid of 27 now and problems appear due to I'm not taking a good care of my body in the past.

I suffered a lot during my menstrual period. I often pain until I vomit, crying for hours on the first day of my period. My body is really 寒性體質 'cold constitution'. I went through a lot of pain to get a pain free period. It's hard to maintain to be honest, I changed my daily supplement intake, I changed my lifestyle, I go for traditional treatment, take molasses and one reason that I really love Durian is because once I eat during a week before my period, I also can enjoy painless experience on the first day of my period but after that, I get sick due to I'm didn't drink much water and I keep eat durian lol.

I googled and asked, durian is more of a fruit that is more 'Heat' so it somehow balanced my body. Not sure whether it's real or not but it works magically each time I eat my favourite durian lol. Also I read lots of articles and heard lots of stories about women's ovary might aged sooner than our real age. 

You know you started to feel old when you start reading health related articles and post lol. Our skin get sagging as we age same goes to our ovary. I see most of my friend who are currently pregnant told me lots of their story. They went through lots just to get pregnant and they advice me if I continue suffer the pain, I should seek for help from the professional or go to the ovary treatment.

This is everything that helps me to reduce my menstrual pain. 
(1) Ovary Treament
(2)Primrose Oil
(3) Molasses
(4) Durian 

When I heard of Ovary Treatment, it's kind of scary as in I tot I will need to put something over my body to maintain the health of my ovary lol. The last time I see my friend posting about it is after they give birth to their babies, they normally go to massage or ovary treatment to maintain the health and make sure that the ovary is young and 'happy'.

So I asked and google about the treatment before. But you know I'm really quite shy about all these as I never try before but since I'm already get used to massage or full body massage I thought why not to give it a try. But before that I also asked my friend about the treatment. I see most of the ovary treatment are using herbs and a wrapped 'lamp' with red color light and they just lying on the bed.

But when I ask what's all about, they dont even know and I even ask if the massage really help and do you feel any different. They just tell me they feel comfortable and I ask if the herb they use is real or the cream etc. I just curious, really curious about how it could helps as it's really not cheap for the treatment at all.

This is the 'lamp' lol 
( I'm sorry I'm not sure about the professional name of it  so please let me know if you know that.)

Until one day I went to skinhouse for facial and skin management treatment and I spotted Bobo醫師 who I really trusted actually help people doing the ovary treatment and making sure our ovary is healthy and happy. As it's related to our emotional and hormone imbalance I decided to give it a try. I had a serious skin breakdown with full pimples all around my face in this early of April, I really think that I need to take this seriously.

So I went to the treatment for once and now, I think I have been there for more than 5 times just for the ovary treatment and for the bone adjustment I have been there for almost two years. I'm always a curious kids, I always want to give my body the best and real treatment as I know I only trust on people who actually can explain in details with all the steps and questions that I asked.

Due to my busy lifestyle, I actually try my best to go once every month but sometime when I got work I can only fly over to JB and get my treatment done one every 1-2 months. I really can feel the different after I did the treatment especially my hormone which affected my everyday mood and I followed exactly things Bobo told me to do and I think during the third ovary treatment I get painless during the first day of my period.

I'm so shock until I really posted on my stories and giving them a call just to say thank you. But still so sad that they aren't available in KL, the best if we could go for the treatment once every 2 weeks but due to I'm living in KL, I only able to go there once every month if I schedule my work schedule nicely. 

Also, now once every month I will going there to give myself a break, landed in JB go for facial then ovary treatment and maintain and 整骨together.  Just a full day treatment to really take a good care of my skin and body. People told me that I'm out of my mind but you know I'm really that kind of person who will go to place I like or love no matter how far.

This post it's sponsored but just wanted to share my thoughts and let you know how and what to expect from going through all these treatment. If you can't go to JB SkinHouse, you can look for similar treatment to help you but just to make sure you pay for what you get and make sure the person who did the treatment for you is professional because when I share some of my experience with my friends, they often told me they went through the ovary treatment in other place but the person dont really massage in the right spot and they just feel nothing. 

You only will know the different when you get to try it yourself. So this ovary treatment also known as 荷尔蒙调理 Hormone treatment. It can slow down the anti-aging process of our ovary. As I wanted to make sure it's young and happy before I get pregnant and give my future baby a 'good bed' I think this is really the way for preparation lol. My friends went through 2 years of treatment only can successfully get treatment, never too late but have to be patience for it. To make sure my hormone balance and no more scary pimples breakout again, I gave this a try!

You can read or google how hormone imbalance could affected us in our daily mood, emotional, life and skin. Our ovary is just like our skin, it get age as we grow and we as a female, not just taking supplement or taking care of our skin, we also need to have some treatment that to help on maintain the good condition of our inner part of our body. One thing as I grown up I realise especially a week before my period, I get to feel hungry easily and always get angry. I just give temper on myself or could angry because of small little things. Suddenly I feel like I behave like my mom lol. I know it's all because of our hormone.

There are lots of hormone treatment out there to help you, you can read all sort of articles from google. Google is my best guru ever. 

Hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Because of their essential role in the body, even small hormonal imbalances can cause side effects throughout the body. Hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands in the endocrine system.

Hormonal imbalances can affect our daily life. Some after giving birth had a hard time and go through depression, that's mainly because of hormonal imbalances. People with unbalanced hormones will be so depress and feel so negative. Some like me will suffer from unstable amount of menstrual blood as well as excessive discharge. Also menstrual cramps as serious as mine. Just so many things to list that out. I really happy it solved my 宫寒 'cold constitution problem especially on my ovary' problem. But it also means I have to maintain this, stop taking cold drinks and making it even worst at my age lol.

All the product and massage using certified herbs cream with really good branding product. Now I know why this treatment worth that amount of energy and money. Really not easy. As some of you might ask me all the detail from instagram, I listed everything in Mandarin for you to refer to:- 

  1. 黄体素太高导致我们的皮肤爆痘或长痘 皮肤特别干燥 长体毛 
  2. 幫助情绪:你总会发现自己会突然间觉得犹豫和忧 而让自己情绪失控 / 产后忧郁症那是因为体内的荷尔蒙不均衡而导致的
  3. 調理失調的體質:经痛 经期不定时 经血的量不稳定
  4. 白带问题
  5. 预防子宫疾病
  6. 解决宫寒
  7. 所用的产品包括了 当归(补血 抗衰老 曾强免疫力)/ 艾草 (散寒 止痛 温煦气血 抗菌 抗病毒)/ 辛夷 (降压 排毒)/ 洋甘 (精神镇定 缓解疼痛)

So come back to the topic, here's all the photo taken and I asked permission from the staff. So sorry no beautiful photo here as I really didn't bring my camera, just taken with my phone and wanted to keep you update about the treatment process. 


First, they will start from the lower back of you body and use the herbs oil to give you a test on whether your body is more toward 'cold' or 'hot' condition. Some of my friends are more toward hot but people like me who suffer on period cramps are commonly more of a cold side. 

Then Bobo醫師 will start explaining and massage your lower back with her method and slowly explaining your body condition + putting herbs cream and the 'lamp'. At this point of time your body feel so good as the red light is warm and very comfortable. Nothing pain if you love massage like me. Next it will repeat the same on your front ovary area (lower stomach). 

Note that: You need to go toilet and pee everything out before the treatment lol. Just in case!! Also please don't overeating right before your treatment. 

One thing I love about Bobo is she really gentle and so caring. She treat everyone like real friends and we often talk and sharing things on our life. I think this is the reason make me feel much better even I'm half naked and wont feel too shy because most of the part actually get covered with towel as well. Also she's the only one who got the skill and help people to do this treatment because she is well trained and really skilful. While massaging she always talk about and explain each hand gesture / steps nicely. 

I heard my friend who told me the one they went most of them just come in, put the cream and massage maybe few second, turn on the red light lamp and just leave them inside the room and go out to do another customer. But on my experience with Bobo, I never be alone in the room, every steps everything she is here sitting beside me and keep massage the herbs cream on me and I really love the smells of herbs. It reminds me of my grandfather 'ah gong' and my childhood memories with my Grandmom in Teluk Intan.

 So I requested to take a photo so I can show you guys. Then we both get very serious expression.

 One second later I just told her dont be worry I just want to share this with my sweetie on my blog only because too many people asking me for this.

So here it is when skilful Bobo use all her energy to massage and apply the herbs cream into my back and also turn to front my ovary area. Because I suffered a lot backpain during the first day of my period too. 我真的gg

 Sorry for blur photo because all of this taken during the real treatment, so no pose pose here and there.

 Some people might feel slightly pain during the massage on the adjustment and everything but I only afraid of needle and injection, so all of this for me is really NO PAIN. Just like having full body massage but with herbs cream, warm touch kind of feeling and really comfortable.

The whole treatment take around 1 hour 30 mins-2 hour in my case. Each of us tend to have diff body condition. So best if you can consult professional and skilful one instead of asking me lol. But I can share my experience and thoughts with you guys.

No lie, the only uncomfortable or slightly pain point is during the last part of the treatment where she asking me to make a deep breath and she push her hand toward my upper stomach area. My whole body feel 'numb' or aka 'sour' and I can hear my heartbeat right away. lol I think that only last for few seconds and then repeat for 2-3 times. So that's the only 


So here's everything I get or need to-do right after the treatment. I also got the herbs cream from them just because I'm obsessed with herbs thing and I can see how it changed my body. So I just grab and it can last me for months. 

So I got the herbs heat pad. I stick it on and I can easily sleep all the way during my flight from JB to KL. But it's really crazy hahaha I also get some for my period so on the first day I can just lying on my bed, heat pad with herbs and just be calm. lol Also got the essential herbs oil which is really good for everyday application. 

All the ingredients information. They aren't really emphasise or force you to buy this essential oil, you can use yours if you want but this one is legit good I google about the brand and I really love this herbs essential oil. So I just grab!! This brand make these essential oil using herbs both from western and traditional Chinese medicine. All natural and free of chemicals as well. Some people hate the herbs smells but I really love that. I feel so 有安全感with it. I apply every night on my lower stomach area and back as well. Just few drops will do. 

The herbs heat /hot pad to stick on after the treatment.

So right after treatment I sometime will fly back to KL or just overnight a day in JB. AHHAAH  People thought I'm from JB, but no... I always come back just to meet my friends, and also drop by a whole day just to come back and do my treatment. Can get package which is cheaper and I can follow up with my next appointment. I remember the first time I try on the ovary treatment I get first trial price, you can also ask if they now got first trial price again or not. Just direct message them on dm (Instagram https://www.instagram.com/skinhouse_jb/) or the phone contact number you can call to ask. 

I never thought I will need to go through such process until when they observed and told me that my walking posture is weird and back is slight toward one side. I always hear my close friend and Smelly told me this even when I go for full body massage they ask if ever I try to check probably because they can see my back is slightly. I never take their advice seriously because whenever I'm standing on a full body mirror, I see my body shape is perfectly fine lol. But two years ago I actually change my bed and pillow as I do have backpain and waking me up half way in the midnight. But I thought it's not a big deal as I sometime just think I'm too stress and I just go for full body massage but still it didn't make any better. 

Then my friend told me maybe the bed I bought is too cheap or too soft. They ask me to invest in a better bed for sleep, I go to check and survey a nice nature bed might cost RM8-10K so end up I just leave it lol. I think I will get a nice and good one when I can afford to after I got my house key and everything. So I just continue to find solution.

Until one day before I even start experience their ovary treatment, I actually go just for the facial and I'm wrapping myself with their facial outfit. Then I passed by the 整骨 room and Bobo醫師 just ask me if I'm interested to check as she spot my standing posture, I like to stand with only one leg strength lol. This is common problem for us.

Then that was my first time, 2 years ago when I first get to meet Bobo醫師. So I went to the treatment room, with half naked and to check up. She request for my phone to help me take a photo so I can see what's my problem. So all of these photo taken by my phone and the first photo taken when I still with my short hair. Super weird. Now I know why I can't wear singlet and my body tend to toward one point where it look quite weird at back, but I never know until I saw this photo.

But to be honest, this take time, after my 4th or 5th treatment Bobo醫師 ask me to come back after 6 months so that she could see the improvement of my back shoulder area / bone alignment. The first few treatment I did once every month, then stop waited for almost half year to see the improvement and continue once every 1/2 months. When I see the photo it's really not a big deal but when I put everything to compare from first to the recent one, I was shocked. 

If you ask me pain or not, I'm quite can 吃力. Because I always go for full body massage whenever I feel tired and I'm not afraid of massage those kind of pain. So for me it's really not pain but after treatment whole body will feel really tired and exhausted. The night after it can sleep for more than 8 hours lol. Sorry ya here's all no makeup and no fabulous photo cause all taken during my treatment time with permission.

Everyone's case is different. So all of the adjustment below is suit for my case only as my back is my main concern and problem. If you want to know more better get the pro guru to check for you instead of asking me whether your case suit to go through these treatment or not lol. I'm not sifu leh...dont ask me T.T

 骨槍 I seriously don't even know the professional English name of this tool but it's use to adjust the position and alignment of our backbone. The sound is quite scary and seems to be scary but for me just nice! Some of my follower who went there tried it told me when it hit the bone bit pain but I feel really okay lol.

 Some posture are too ugly I didn't take photo because I'm half naked lol. Better dont see this if not you will vomit lol.

 Here's quite numb all those spot when touching my shoulder side and doing adjustment.

This two bit pain but still bearable as long as not poke me with needle or injection xD

All of these treatment is without injection or go through operation. They use professional method and the correct one to make sure your bone go back to the right position and continue growing. For those who experience bone problem you can refer to everything stated here and get consult by the professional one: - If you get any problems as stated below you can try to go through all this treatment to help you get it back to normal posture of your bone.

  • 脊柱是由颈椎 胸椎 腰椎 髓骨 和尾骨所组成的 , 坚韧牢固的脊椎是人体的中轴. 当这些不对称的时候就会出现驼背 寒背 脊椎侧弯 这些现象会导致我们呼吸系统:睡觉时或是睡醒时的瞬间需要吸一口很大的气
  • 呼吸很大声(由第三者告知你)
  • 消化系统: 胃口不好 胃涨疯 胃酸倒流 
  • 麻痹 :手脚不自觉的麻痹 
  • 抽筋:抽筋有的时候是脊柱侧弯所造成的 不只是因为年纪大才会出现的问题
  • 脊柱不正常 就会压到我们的神经线 屁股痛(坐骨神经)手脚麻痹都是脊柱的问题所发生的
  • 治疗 :不需要吃药 不需要动刀也不需要动针 而是用专业的手法去引导骨头往正确的位置发展

I actually posted everything I stated here through stories but still there are lots of dm asking me to repeat the same answer again. So I thought I will note down everything here and send the link back to you and read it whenever you want since stories only keep for 24 hours and I couldn't even track back and pin it on my highlight since it's 2 years back sharing until now. So I think that's all about it and I hope this can give you a little ideas on all these treatment I have go through. Like my braces story I wish to share as detail as I can and so sorry that I'm write too much for your eyes. Just to make sure everything you need to know stated at this post.

Hope it's useful for you. See you soon on my next post! Love, xoxo.


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