Unbox: Wireless Sport Headphone

02 February 2018

Hello Sweeties! Here's a little gadget buddy that everyone eyes on. It's the wireless sport headphone. I'm not really into wireless headphone until recently my friend passed me a set of wireless headphone to try so that I could share my unboxing/ featured blog post with you guys. I used wireless earphone since last year but headphone is something really interesting because Smelly is the one who really into those wireless sport headphone. He told me that it's important to have a sweat resistant one as a companion during his gym time.

So I thought like wow, he must be eyes on the wireless sport one instead of others. That's why I decided to do a little unbox post for you guys with this BackBeat FIT 505 so that maybe I should get one for Smelly too. One of the best feature that I would love to share with you guys is the sweat resistant & up to 18 hours listen time features. It's something that suitable to wear and use during your gym time.

For girls, we probably look at the colours and the weight. For me I will prefer something like earphone but for Smelly, he prefer headphone like this. This is 155 grams which is pretty light and at the same time the headphone itself is very easy to bring it around. Just put inside your bag and I think it's pretty much a good idea to bring it to your work and end of the work, you can use this if you are heading to the gym room.

Except for the two highlighted features, the quality of the sound is something that I really like. I tried to connect it with the phone app & the headphone, it's pretty easy and the listening experience was not bad tho. The richness of the sound and next is the nano coating technology that make this little buddy against our sweat!

The headphone look really cool, it can easily connect via bluetooth with our phone and suitable for both Apple and Android phone. A full charge in 90 mins is one of the best thing ever!

 There is a shortcut button on the headphone itself where you can easily skip or play any song from your playlist. So if you are looking for a headphone with sweat resistant & wireless features, this is the one for you.

I googled and checked the selling price of this headphone on Lazada is RM499. So compare to most of the headphone out there it's slight at the high-end price so if you are on budget, get the earphone instead but if you really want something which is more quality and focus on the sound quality , short charging time and can last up to 18 hours listen time then this is the one for you.

Hope this is useful for you. Have a nice day guys!

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