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24 November 2016

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Not need to be shy because for those who know what's smile makers is you probably will link this with the title of this post. It's not my first time talking about sex education related topic during my secondary and high school but this is MY VERY FIRST TIME talk about sex topic on my blog. Yes, a little shy over here but please keep this between you and me or maybe for your girl's friends too.

Throwback to years ago , when we are still a teenager , our school teacher always educate us about sex related knowledge like how to make a baby, what's sexual intercourse & etc. But they never thought us how to deal with your 'inner beauty needs'  a.k.a to make yourself feel extra happy , sexy and confident. This is something really important in our adult life because sometime no one can help you but yourself. And this is why I'm going to introduce you the Smile Makers Female Lubricant which can help you in your 'luxury DIY time'.

Whether you are single or taken, as long as you are a female who love being or feeling young , be loved, happy , sexy and healthy from inner out, you should know about Smile Makers. It helps your sexual wellbeing and make you feel happy and confident from inside to outside of your mind. 

I love the mission of Smile Makers. It's mission is to make great products that promote healthy sex as a natural part of beauty care. I think this is why it's so special and caught my attention when I saw their news online. It naturally helping women and everyone of us to feel confident, sexy , happy and smile from our inner heart.

Look at this cute little smiley face logo


Why Smile Makers?

Because it's all made of purest ingredients and safe to every women. Also the packaging is really eye catching , beautiful like a skincare bottle.

Smile Makers launched three lubricants, named Little Light Liquid, Stay Silky Serum and Generous Gel. The texture and sensation is luxury enough for your own 'sexy time' and good bye to greasiness , , stickiness and annoying fruity smell!

The reason why Smile Markers is getting familiar to everyone is because it's lubricant is really safe for your sensitive part. The one available in the market are usually look awkward , weird and unappealing but this packaged like a high-end beauty products.

From liquid to gel, the thickness is from low to high.

 Yellow (light) - Little light liquid

 Pink (Medium) - Stay Silky Serum 

Mint (Thick) - Generous Gel


All Made with pure and safe ingredients (Paraben and fragrance free) that used as pure as those in the hospital with no harmful chemicals for your reproduction organ like others majority competitors products in the market.

Look how pastel and cute with the designed bottles! It created by the same designer who designed for SKII bottles and Gucci Perfume. I really love how the whole bottle is created for woman, to have a better experience inside, no matter packaging, texture and ingredients, or the fact asking for their boyfriend to use in the middle of the romantic moment.
Also the premium ingredients that normally used in the luxury skincare brand such as Sheseido and Smile Makets is the only rand to us them in female lubricants which also imported from France and Japan.

Now it's no longer a excuse for you because this is the only luxury 'skincare' that every women can afford. It's only RM59! Start pampering yourself with this nO.1 female lubricant which recommended by Cosmopolitan HK.

No more stress but extra sexy , happy and confident to yourself. And how about a friendly and cute female vibrators as well – Fireman and Frenchman. Remember using the low quality products can create itchiness and got severe inflammation after using it and might lead to the need to see a gynaecologist. OMG it's so scary!!!


Where to buy smile markers?
You can now get yours from any Watsons outlet or visit their online store. You can also go directly to for direct, discreet packaging or go to Lazada too.

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