[Product Review] Aiberia Samba Rose Pre-Make Up Conditioning Cream & 3D Powder Cream SPF20 PA++

08 December 2015

Collaboration Post

Hello Peeps  it's been awhile since I updated about my tried & tested + product review post. I received this just right before my Melbourne Trip and this is the after use review. Finally I'm able to publish this review as I need to crop and edit the photo before I publish this. So I think most of you read my previous sharing and review post about Aiberia Moisturise from Inside Out (here) and I shared about one of the Samba Rose Pre-Makeup Conditioning Cream but the post is too long so I decided to combine both of the product again in this post.

Thanks Aiberia for sending me a set of new 3D Powder Cream with SPF20 PA++ for this review. And if you purchase this 3D powder cream SPF20 PA++ you can get a free foundation brush too. Okay, back to the topic! Let's get started with the pre-make up cream.

Samba Rose Pre-Make Up Conditioning Cream

The name itself told you everything about this product. It's actually a Pre-makeup product that you apply before you start your foundation or any bb/cc cream. Act as a makeup base which minimise your pores and let you enjoy your wonderful makeup time with 0 pores! I think it's something like face primer that you apply before anything and after that you can feel that your skin turns super duper smooth.

As stated on the packaging itself there are few benefit from this product. It's brightening , moisturising , repairing and smoothen our skin. But from what I tried and observe (since I finished 2 bottle of this) Based on my personal experience. Diff skin type might be diff too.

(1) Moisturizing: YES! I'm using this when I'm in Melbourne during the super cold weather but in Malaysia I rarely use except when I'm preparing for any shooting on that day or planning to stay in a air-con space for more than 4 hours. My skin still feel smooth and moisture for about 5 hours+

(2) As Makeup Base: YES! I use it as a base without any foundation after this. Because I don't really use any foundation except I have to go for a heavy makeup on that day.

(3) Brightening: NOT REALLY... I have no idea for this because your face won't be bright or turn brighter after the application. Maybe my skin tone too pale but if you are hoping for a whiter and brighter skin tone after applying this then this product might not the best one for you.

(4) Repair: Yes! The bulgaria rose extract and Vitamin C extract can easily penetrate deeply and repair our skin. But only works in long term I think. But my pores really reduce after applying this

(5) Smoothen: YES OF COURSE! Definitely turns super duper smooth after one application. This is amazing and feel like a baby skin.

The crystal packaging itself was super pretty too!

3D Powder Cream SPF 20 PA++
I know all of you have been asking me what foundation / bb/ cc I use but seriously. I didn't apply it unless I have some shooting that require me to hide all my black spots or to achieve perfect skin. So I normally just grab those product that available or the one I purchased for the purpose of review it on my blog. So, I'm glad that Aiberia send me their new powder cream. 

The packaging was quite normal but what so special was this BB 3D Powder Cream can be use on all skin type including sensitive skin.

BB cream was so famous since years ago because of its ALL-IN-ONE application but ALWAYS REMEMBER to remove it nicely. You might need to take care of your skin don't overnight and don't forgot to remove this if not it might be harmful for your skin. It will block your pores and this is why people always complain after using those foundation or bb their skin condition turn really bad and pimples pop out.

REMEMBER TO REMOVE all the makeup clearly ya! I'm so lazy to remove and i don't like the feeling of having a foundation or product to cover my face so it's better that I'm not using any of it. HAHAHAHAH But what attracted me to try this out was this foundation actually did a great job on perceiving microcrystalline that can really make our skin glowing in just 1 application.

Of course, with any purchase of one product of this you will be giving one FREE FOUNDATION BRUSH!


It's a fluffy , thick and bottom-flat foundation brush. Which did a great job on spreading the foundation all over our face but for small spot like the area beside nose you might need to use your hand for better application. But so far, I'm loving this brush and it makes the application go so easy and smooth.

Let me try this out!

Less is more! I apply just 10 sen size on my face but now for photo purpose on my blog I will try this out on my hand so you can see the diff and the skin tone too. This product actually absorbed the natural light of your surrounding environment and bringing out the best in skin tone. In short, it blend very well on all skin colour but if you have very very very dark skin tone you might need some time to get use of this and apply it again all around your neck.

The texture was so liquid and watery. Once you apply you can see it turns like this and you can gently spread it all over your face. To text it coverage I decided to cover one of the mole on my hand lol...

(1) Coverage: Just first layer it cover 55% of my mole and you can increase the coverage by applying more layer or apply it like how you apply your concealer. Gently dap around the spot you wish to cover and it looks pretty good on this.

(2) Hydration & Oil Control: Not bad i give this 70% because Normally only my T-zone will be oily not the overall of my skin. I tried this 5-6 hours during my outing on my trip so this is from my experience. Maybe for those who has oily skin you can tell me how it feel on your skin?

(3) Long-Lasting: For about 7 hours+ in cold weather or night outing. If hot weather like what we experience in Malaysia probably can last for 5-6 hours only since I sweat a lot and my skin look dull after that.

Another thing that I feel safe about this product was the SPF20 PA++. This means that it actually reduce the chances blocking our pores. Because normally most of the BB was like SPF50 and it's really so hard to remove without blocking our pores so this is the reason why I brought this with me during my trip so that I can take beautiful photo of me with my dslr know high quality camera not selfie camera won't make my skin look nice in fact, this is the time where i need this product the most! HAHAHAHA

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