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12 October 2015

Collaboration Post

Good Day Everyone I'm so glad to be an October baby and wish this could be a great month for all of you out too. I thought it was a good time to share with you a detail blog post about this Aiberia product again as they just sent me another set of this to review and share with my reader. I'm so happy that they appreciate what I did for the previous post sharing my Daily Skincare Routine (click here) The steps and everyday must-do for me. This blog post gonna be something quite similar with the previous one but more summarise version & emphasise more on their Sodium Hyaluronate Cream.

Because they WON A TITLE from most popular taiwan beauty show, 女人我最大! Congrats on the titles and I think they deserve this because the texture of this item was super duper amazing. Let me show you how it different from others product. So, if you are looking for a moisturising series skincare product, this could be one of your alternative too. You can try it out by your own hand when visit their physical shop too. I tried & I love it! 

- Cleansing -
It's my 3rd post showing you guys the exactly same foaming net but maybe some of you was new reader of mine? Right? HAHAHAH So I still need to introduce you this foaming net that can create as many foam as it can within 10 second!

The cleanser is just like the normal cleanser but once you put it together with this foaming net, it's just a perfect combination. The small and tiny foam can easily penetrated into our skin & at the same time remove all dirt from our pores. In short, Deep Cleansing! But if you are acne skin or extremely dry + cracked skin you might not suitable to use the cleanser with the foaming net.

- Toner -
This toner was one of the MUST before applying their cream to fully utilise the benefits from the product! It's alcohol and fragrance-free toner that suitable for all skin type.

Personally I recommend it to use on a cotton pad because it's more hygiene and i normally pour 6-8 drops on the cotton pad then apply it all over my face.
As usual, remember always downward to upward & from inward to outward to reduce your face puffiness + anti-sagging + firm up your face. Gently application will do! The texture of the toner not completely a toner but a combination of half-water texture. Feel like a lotion actually! Concentrated toner / lotion!

- Serum -
You can skip this step if you found that it's very troublesome for you to apply and you don't like your skin to have too much skincare product before your working time or at night. For me I will only apply serum when my skin turn super duper dry after I back from my trip. But some of my friend or my mom apply this before their moisturiser step. So it's all depend on you. If you wish to you can just go for it, if not skip this and go for the next step, which is applying the moisturiser cream.

This serum can helps us to increase the skin's vitality & provide continuous provision of water. It locked the all the moisture under our skin and NOT OILY AT ALL.

 Just gently pad around your skin until it absorb. I love the texture of it and although the bottle was quite small but can use for 2-3 months from my own experience. Recommend for those who need extra and highly moisturising product!

- Star Product* Sodium Hyaluronate Cream -
This cream and their eye cream were my favourite since long long time ago!! I can't believe they won the title again & that's what I want to show you! Look at the texture!!

Took a closer photo on it and you can see the texture change from a cream texture to a water texture. The cream itself was good enough and absorb really fast into our skin. Once you apply it on your face  with your hand it slowly turn into water texture like a very light cream that can easily get into and absorb into our skin. Sometime i apply this as thick as possible and turn it into a an overnight mask!

The one surprise me was this isn't a whitening product but did a good job on brightening our skin tone. Make it looks more even and rapid the recovery process of dry skin to the best skin condition ever. Really really recommend this and the eye cream for everyone of you ;)

- Eye Cream -
Feel like similar from the previous cream but this specially for our eye! Reduce wrinkles , increase elasticity and for those who laugh a lot like me..Once you reached my age, you should consider getting and start to take a good care of the area around your eyes. 

No need me to highlight the absorption level of this. Just amazing and I can INSTANTLY feel the smoothness of my skin around my eyes. Works magically and I love this. My second bottle of this eye cream! Since I'm still own one bottle I should give this for my bff. She will love this too. My mom also using this so no need give her :p HAAHAHAHHA

Who's the lucky one? :p

So it's the end of this sharing post! I don't want to make it further but you must try this and experience the star product yourself. Not sure when is the beauty fair but normally I buy their item from the KLCC beauty fair with a cheaper and promo prize! If you can't wait to try this out you could check them on their official website: / Facebook page:

UPDATED*  For those who want to join their beauty fair it's a good news for you!! Just check their Facebook and Aiberia will be having a booth @Beauty Expo from 16th-19th Oct this month!!! So many nice promo and exciting news for all of you! Beauty expo booth number: 2111 & 2104

That's all for today. Love, xx.

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